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Treasure Hunt - Seven Places to find Boston's Coolest Collectibles -  "For Jim Lapides, collecting vintage posters has 'been a labor of love' ever since he became partial to Italian design while studying in Florence. In his quest for graphic masterpieces, Lapides has traveled to estate sales, attics and flea markets in remote corners of the world. 'I'm interested in modern art in all its guises - good design from all eras,' he says."




In 1994 he opened International Poster Gallery in a spacious brownstone on Newbury Street. Adorned with striking, impeccably restored posters by artists like Toulouse-Lautrec, Adolfo Hohenstein and Milton Glaser, IPG boasts one of the world's largest collections of antique posters, distributing art to clients such as the Museum of Fine Art and the Library of Congress.

Unlike many other antique poster vendors, who tend to gravitate towards the popular French designs, IPG strives to be truly international, and carries sizeable collections of Swiss, Soviet and American designs, as well as the world's largest Italian collection. 'Posters still represent amazing value,' says Lapides. 'The whole world is interested in posters now - it's become really global.'"