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Soviet Vintage Posters

Original Soviet Posters

Keep Subscribing to the 5 1/2% War Loan Original Poster by E Tcheptsov  Tcheptsov, E.
Keep Subscribing to the 5 1/2% War Loan, 1916 ca.

 Cossack Original Poster by Dimitri MoorMoor, Dimitri.
  Cossack - Who are you with, them or us?, 1920

Sign Up for the Urals Worker Original Poster by A. Blik
Blik, A.
Sign Up for the Urals Worker, 1924

Avtodar Lottery Original Poster by Boris Titov and Efim Pernikov
Pernikov, Boris Titov and Efim.
Avtodar Lottery, 1929  
 Greetings fighting breed! (TASS Window #845) Original Poster by K. Vyalov
Vyalov, K.
Greetings fighting breed! (TASS Window #845), 1943 

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Soviet Poster Primer: 

Although posters were produced in Russia before the Revolution, they were overshadowed by the remarkable propaganda posters of the Soviets. Lenin takes responsibility for creating the first truly modern propaganda machine, from postage stamps and Mayday parades to monumental sculptures. Perhaps its most colorful, dramatic and pervasive form was the poster. 

The Soviet art of propaganda falls into five main periods:

The Bolshevik Era (1917-1921) was a life and death struggle for the Bolsheviks and their ideology. The propaganda poster was everywhere, as the Bolsheviks struggled to win the Civil War against the Whites and fought the Poles over control of the Ukraine and parts of modern day Belarus. The early Soviet poster - an incredible 3600 designs - was remarkable for its revolutionary fervor and biting wit. Powerful visual symbols were invented, like the red star and hammer and sickle.
Leading Artists: Apsit, Cheremnyk, Denisovsky, Kochergin, Lissitsky, Malyutin, Mayakovsky & Moor

The New Economic Policy (1921 - 1927) was a period of recovery and relative freedom for a country ravaged by war, famine and bitter discontent. The period is dominated by brand and store advertising for the flourishing class of tolerated small capitalists, and a remarkable outpouring of silent film posters for the entertainment and education of the masses. These Roaring Twenties posters would revolutionize the art of the 20th Century with their avant-garde Constructivist style that matched the spirit of films like Battleship Potemkin and Man with a Movie Camera
Leading Artists:  Dlugach, Gerasimovich, Lavinsky, Lebedev, Prusakov, Rodchenko, Vladimir & Georgi Stenberg

The First and Second Five Year Plans (1928-1937) were Stalin's draconian push to convert Russia into a fully communist industrialized power. The jarring, pioneering photomontage posters of the First Five Year plan echoed the heroic side of this effort, only to be followed by the purges of the late '30s and the retreat from avant-garde art in the Second Plan period to the more prosaic Social Realism.
Leading Artists:  Deineka, Dolgurokov, Klutsis, Kulagina, Lebedev & Semenova  

The Great Patriotic War (1939-1945) brought a revival of the great age of the Bolshevik poster. Hitler's all-out attack in 1941 forced a return to the symbolism of the Civil War era to fan the patriotic fires of the heartland.
Leading Artists: Dolgurokov, Gavorkov, Sokolov-Skalya, Solovyov

The Cold War (1946-1984) brought a return to "Social Realism," with utopian views of Russia and Joseph Stalin predominating. During the Sixties, the best images featured Viet Nam, the space race and imperialism. As Perestroika (1984 - Present) dawned, the most powerful images were protest posters created and posted at great personal risk.
Leading Artists: Koretsky

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Follow the Path of Development and Progress Original Poster by Artist Unknown   Artist Unknown.
Follow the path of development and progress, 1986

Read the Kino Original Poster by Artist Unknown
 Artist Unknown.
Read the Kino, 1925 ca.


 Die Dame In Der Luft Original Poster by Mikhail Dlugach
  Dlugach, Mikhail.
  Die Dame in der
Luft, 1927 

  The 2nd All-Union Aviation and Chemistry Lottery Original Poster by Mikhail Dlugach Dlugach, Mikhail.
The 2nd All-Union Aviation and Chemistry Lottery (Osoaviakhim), 1927 

Rosta Window #81 Original Poster by Mikhail Cheremnych
  Cheremnych, Mikhail.
Rosta Window #81,


 Knot Original Poster by Artist Unknown
 Artist Unknown.
  Knot, 1930 ca. 


USSR Original Poster by Viktor Koretsky
Koretsky, Viktor.
USSR. Long live the armed forces of the Soviet Union!, 1947

Don Q Son of Zorro Original Poster by Vladimir and Gyorgy Stenberg
 Stenberg, Vladimir
and Gyorgy.  
Don Q Son of Zorro,

 Be On Guard! Original Poster by Dimitri Moor
 Moor, Dimitri.
Be On Guard!,1921


  The Struggle of the Red Knight with the Dark Force Original Poster by B. Zvorykin
Zvorykin, B.
The Struggle of the Red Knight with the Dark Force, 1919 

Leningrad Festival of Arts Original Poster by Artist Unknown
 Artist Unknown.
  Leningrad Festival of
Arts, 1935

Open Subscription to the Journal New World (Novymir) Original Poster by Vladimir and Gyorgy Stenberg
  Stenberg, Vladimir and 
Open Subscription to the
Journal New World,