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Mid-Century Modern: 1960s Style Posters

Original 1960s Style Posters

John Lennon - Look Magazine Original Poster by Richard Avedon Avedon, Richard.
John Lennon - Look Magazine, 1967

Woodstock Original Poster by Arnold Skolnick
  Skolnick, Arnold.
Woodstock, 1969

Los Angeles United Air Lines Original Poster by Stan Galli
  Galli, Stan.
Los Angeles - United Air Lines, 1960 ca.

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1960s Style Primer: 

The orderliness of the Fifties would yield to a more chaotic and revolutionary tenor by the mid-Sixties. A new illustration style, one which borrowed freely from Surrealism, Pop Art and Expressionism, was more relaxed and intuitive and the first wave of a Post-Modernist sensibility. A famous example was Milton Glaser's 1967 Bob Dylan record album insert. Glaser crystallized the musician's countercultural message by portraying his long hair as a rainbow of richly flowing waves. Glaser's Push Pin Studio was matched in creativity by a dynamic school of poster art in Poland from the '50s through the '80s. The Polish School became known for a sardonic and gut wrenching variety of Surrealism in promoting the State-controlled theatre and cultural organizations.

The excesses of the drug culture and political alienation led to a brief but spectacular Psychedelic Poster craze in the U.S., which recalled the floral excesses of Art Nouveau, the pulsating afterimages of Op-Art, and the bizarre juxtapositions of Surrealism. And the French May Day protests generated a school of propaganda poster that harked back to the Soviet poster and cartoon art.

Leading Artists:

United States:   Avedon, Galli, Gee, Glaser, Griffin, Klein, Ludekens, Moscoso, Skolnick, Wilson

Switzerland:  Brun, Buhler, Leupin

France:  Atelier Populaire, Eric, Mathieu, Morvan, Villemot

Italy:  Ferenc, Marangolo

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Philips Original Poster by Eric  Eric.
Philips, 1960 ca.

Lampes Philips Original Poster by Paul Igert
   Igert, Paul.
Lampes Philips, 1960 ca.

  Merrent Original Poster by Fritz Buhler
Buhler, Fritz.
Merrent, 1964 ca.

Notre Lutte Continue Original Poster by Atelier Populaire
  Atelier Populaire.
Notre Lutte Continue,

 Jefferson Airplane at the Fillmore Auditorium Original Poster by Wes Wilson
  Wilson, Wes.
Jefferson Airplane at the
Fillmore Auditorium, 1966 

Los Angeles - Fly TWA Jets Original Poster by David Klein
  Klein, David.
Los Angeles - Fly TWA Jets, 1965 ca.

The Doors at the Avalon Original Poster by Victor Moscoso
  Moscoso, Victor.
The Doors at the
Avalon (2nd edition -
hand signed), 1967

 Dylan Original Poster by Milton Glaser
  Glaser, Milton.
Dylan, 1966

  Chocolat Pupier Jacquemaire Original Poster by Herve Morvan
 Morvan, Herve.
Chocolat Pupier Jacquemaire, 1967 

Facis Junior Original Poster by Ferenc
Facis Junior, 1963

 Research - Merrill Lynch Original Poster by Peter Gee
  Gee, Peter.
Research - Merrill Lynch,

  Beachcomber Cruises to the Caribbean Original Poster by Artist Unknown
 Artist Unknown.
Beachcomber Cruises to the Caribbean, 1964 ca. 

Bata Original Poster by Donald Brun
 Brun, Donald.
Bata, 1964

 San Francisco - United Air Lines Original Poster by Artist Unknown
 Artist Unknown.
San Francisco - United
Air Lines, 1967 ca.