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A.M. Cassandre Posters - old

Cassandre, Normandie
Cassandre, A.M. Normandie, 1935

Cassandre, Nord Express
       Cassandre, A.M.        Nord Express, 1927

Cassandre, Etoile du Nord
Cassandre, A.M.   Etoile du Nord, 1927

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A.M. Cassandre (1901 - 1968) burst onto the Paris scene in the mid 1920s and was soon recognized as the father of a new, Machine Age poster style. Strongly influenced by modern art, Cassandre's work shocked the public with its dynamic compositions, abstract geometry and daring typography integrated into the image. Suddenly, the illustration-based caricatures of Cappiello looked dated next to Cassandre's intellectual and airbrushed designs, inspired by Cubism, Futurism and Surrealism and the wonders of the modern world.

Most famous were Cassandre's travel posters - they were so revolutionary that they essentially reinvented the category. His posters for the Normandie, Etoile du Nord and Nord Express, all created in the late '20s and early '30s, are among the most recognized posters ever. Cassandre's talent was widely recognized early on, and he became the first poster artist to be honored with a one-man show at New York's Museum of Modern Art in 1936. He is generally considered the greatest poster artist of the century for his creation of the Machine Age Style (since the 1980s called Art Deco). Many of his 60 plus original vintage posters are amongst the most expensive and sought after of all posters.

Cassandre's cerebral style was difficult to mimic, but its influence was worldwide. It is best seen in the work of his student, Fix-Masseau, and the later work of Roger Broders. Others strongly influenced by Cassandre included Paul Colin, Jean Carlu, Munetsugu Satomi, Sepo, and Francis Bernard in France; Leo Marfurt in Belgium; Marcello Nizzoli and Guiseppe Riccobaldi in Italy; and Alexandre Alexeieff in England.

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Broders, Marseille
      Broders, Roger.      Marseille, 1929

Nizzoli, Campari l'Aperitivo
Nizzoli, Marcello. Campari l'Aperitivo, 1926.

Cassandre, Bonal
Cassandre, A.M. Bonal, 1935.