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Art Deco Posters

Vintage Art Deco Posters

Vintage Art Deco Posters Cassandre, A.M.
Statendam, 1928

Vintage Art Deco Posters Colin, Paul.
Andre Renaud, 1929

Vintage Art Deco Posters
Gadoud, C.
Vins Camp Romain, 1930

Vintage Art Deco Posters
Nizzoli, Marcello.
Cordial Campari (Red Lg), 1926

Vintage Art Deco Posters
Broders, Roger.
Beausoleil, 1928 ca. 

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Art Deco Primer: 

Art Deco replaced Art Nouveau as the major international decorative style after World War I and continued until World War II. Art Deco represented a machine age aesthetic, replacing flowing, floral motifs with streamlined, geometric designs that expressed the speed, power and scale of modern technology.

Design influences were many, from the modern art movements of Cubism, Futurism and Constructivism to ancient geometric design elements from the exotic cultures of Egypt, Assyria and Persia. In poster art, precursors were the German Plakatstil, the Viennese Secession and the Parisian fashion design revolution that began in 1908.

The style received its name from the Decorative Arts Exposition of Paris in 1925, which marked the full flowering of Art Deco design. Simplification and abstraction were always it's hallmarks, although the graceful elegance and exoticism of its early days yielded to a more muscular and forceful style in the late 1920s and 1930s. 

That final phase is often called the "Cassandre Style" after its most famous artist, who enjoyed a one-man show at the Museum of Modern Art in 1936. Cassandre's sleek designs of towering ships and speeding trains are still considered the style's quintessential images. 

Leading Artists:

France: BarbierBernardBrodersCassandre, ColinCarluDorivalDomergue, Dupas, Falcucci, Loupot, Marton, Maurus and Solon

Switzerland:  Baumberger, Coulon, DiggelmannFontanetLaubi, LoupotMatter, MorachStoecklin and Trapp

Italy:  Boccasile, CodognatoDudovich, LenhartNizzoli, SenecaSepo  and Riccobaldi

Britain:  Herrick, Ham, McKnight-Kauffer, NewbouldPurvis and Zero

Germany:  Anton, Gotschke, HohlweinSteiner  and Wiertz

United States:  Beall, Binder, BrodovitchMaurer and Ragan 

Holland:  HofmanPieck, Ten Broek and Wilminck

Misc:  Bereny (Hungary), Norblin (Poland), Ribas (Spain), Satomi (Japan), Sellheim (Australia) and many more! 

For more, visit our past gallery exhibitionArt Deco Poster Masterpieces 1921-1939  

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Vintage Art Deco Posters  Codognato, Plinio.
Fiat 520 Optima! (large), 1928

Vintage Art Deco Posters
Ten Broek, Willem.
Holland-America Line, 1936

 Vintage Art Deco Posters
Bogelund, Thor.
Tivoli, 1920 

  Vintage Art Deco Posters

d'apres Loupot, Charles.
Fourrures Canton, 1949 

Vintage Art Deco Posters
Brown, Georges Massiot.
Porto & Sherry Sandeman,
1930 ca.

 Vintage Art Deco Posters
Binder, Joseph.
New York World's Fair,

Vintage Art Deco Posters
Martin & Cie. Magasins de Nouveautes, 1924

Vintage Art Deco Posters
Bernard, Francis.
Extension de Ciboure -
Eau Saine et Fraiche, 1928 

 Vintage Art Deco Posters
Ribas, Federico.
Bally Chaussures (blue),
1924 ca.

  Vintage Art Deco Posters

Carlu, Jean.
Aquarium de Monaco, 1926 

Vintage Art Deco Posters
Verbaere, Herman.
Foire Internationale
d'Ostende, 1948

Vintage Art Deco Posters
Jones, Molly M.V.
Orient Line Cruises - 
Norway, 1927 ca.