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Post-Modernist Posters

Original Post-Modernist Posters

Botta Cucchi Original Poster by Bruno Monguzzi  Monguzzi, Bruno.
Botta/Cucchi - The Monte Tamaro Chapel, 1994 

Shakespeare's Cinema - Filmpodium Original Poster by Ralph Schraivogel Schraivogel, Ralph.
Shakespeare's Cinema - Filmpodium, 1999

Die Stipendiat - Museum fur Gestaltung Zurich Original Poster by Ralph Schraivogel
Schraivogel, Ralph.
Die Stipendiat - Museum für Gestaltung Zurich, 1991

The Diva is Dismissed - Public Theater Original Poster by Paula Scher
Scher, Paula.
The Diva is Dismissed - Public Theater, 1994   
Cine-Amerindia Filmpodium Original Poster by Paul Bruhwiler
Bruhwiler, Paul.
Cine-Amerindia Filmpodium, 1992 

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Post-Modernist Primer: 

The International Style began to lose its energy in the '70s and early '80s. Many criticized it for being cold, formal and dogmatic. A young teacher in Basel named Wolfgang Weingart pushed beyond its boundaries and ushered in today's predominant graphic style loosely known as Post-Modern design.

Weingart experimented with the offset printing process to produce posters that appeared complex and chaotic, playful and spontaneous -- all in stark contrast to his elders' dictates. Weingart's liberation of typography was an important foundation for several new styles, from Memphis and Retro, to the advances now being made in computer graphics around the globe.

Another Post-Modern direction was taken by the Zurich design team of Siegfried Odermatt and Rosmarie Tissi. Less revolutionary in spirit than Weingart, they chose to bend rules rather than break them. More intuitive and playful than their predecessors, they developed unique typographic and spatial solutions which enriched the vocabulary of the International Typographic Style. This approach is most ably seen today in the classically elegant work of Bruno Monguzzi.

A final direction of Post-Modern design in Switzerland followed a path paved by American and German illustrators. The work of Paul Brühwiler for the Filmpodium film festival in Zurich is more closely aligned to the conceptual imagery and aggressiveness of Germany's Gunter Rambow than other Swiss designers.  Niklaus Troxler, creator of the Willisau Jazz Festival and its promotional posters, delights in visual puns reminiscent of Milton Glaser.

Other leading designers working in the Post-Modern idiom are Ralph Schraivogel of Zurich, whose ingenious work reveals a richness of texture and image evocative of Weingart, and Werner Jeker of Lausanne, who combines German-style illustration with tight Swiss graphics.

Leading Artists:  BillBruhwiler, Coigny, Geissbuhler, Jeker, Kuhn-Klein, MonguzziOdermatt, Pfeiffer, Rand, Scher, Schraivogel, Tissi, Troxler, and Weingart

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Sam Rivers Quartet Original Poster by Niklaus Troxler  Troxler, Niklaus.
  Sam Rivers Quartet, 1979

NON pas de cadeau a la Societe des Hotels Presidents SA Original Poster by EXEM (Emmanuel Excoffier)
  NON pas de cadeau
a la Societe, 1990

 Das Schweizer Plakat (blue) by Wolfgang Weingart
Weingart, Wolfgang.
Das Schweizer Plakat
(blue), 1984

  Kandinsky - Museo Cantanale d'Arte Original Poster by Bruno Monguzzi
Monguzzi, Bruno.
Kandinsky - Museo Cantanale d'Arte, 1995 ca. 

(Dead Trees) Earth Day Original Poster by Niklaus Troxler
Troxler, Niklaus.
(Dead Trees) Earth Day,

 Vogue - Musee des Arts Decoratifs Lausanne Original Poster by Werner Jeker
 Jeker, Werner.
Vogue - Musee de Arts
Decoratifs Lausanne,

Konzerte im Theater 11 Original Poster by Rosemarie Tissi
  Tissi, Rosemarie.
Konzerte im Theater 11, 1981 

Penck - Kunsthaus Zurich August 1988 Original Poster by Rudolf Mumprecht
 Mumprecht, Rudolf.
Penck - Kunsthaus
Zurich, 1988

 Vivarium Tierpark Dahlhozli by Claude Kuhn-Klein
 Kuhn-Klein, Claude.
Vivarium Tierpark

  Newman - Filmpodium Original Poster by Ralph Schraivogel
Schraivogel, Ralph.
Newman - Filmpodium, 1991

Architectures Publiques - Centre Pompidou Original Poster by Artist Unknown
 Artist Unknown.
Publiques - Centre
Pompidou, 1990

NeXT Original Poster by Paul Rand
 Rand, Paul
  NeXT, 1986 ca.