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Food and Drink Posters

Original Food & Drink Posters

Lait Pur Sterilise Original Poster by Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen  Steinlen, Theophile-Alexandre.
Lait Pur Sterilise, 1894 

Menthe Pastille Original Poster by Leonetto Cappiello Cappiello, Leonetto.
Menthe-Pastille, 1906

Bertozzi Original Poster by Achille Mauzan
  Mauzan, Achille.
Parmigiano Reggiano Bertozzi, 1930 

Campari l'Aperitivo Original Poster by Marcello Nizzoli
  Nizzoli, Marcello.
Campari l'Aperitivo, 1926 

 Dubonnet (Mouron edition) by A.M. Cassandre
Cassandre, A.M.
Dubonnet (Mouron edition), 1952 ca. 

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Food & Drink Primer: 

The new advertising medium of the lithographic poster became one of the most visible symbols of the Belle Époque in Paris and in major cities in Europe and the US. Along with posters of travel, entertainment, fashion and politics, food and drink posters proliferated on city walls, as many of the products became staples for the burgeoning middle class. 

Paris alone had nearly 30,000 cafes in 1895, and the whole of France claimed 435,000 - one for every 80 inhabitants! Drinking was a way of life, and by 1890 beer and wine were but two of the most popular. At the same time as spirit makers were evolving into large enterprises, some food categories such as olive oil, chocolate, biscuits, pasta and cheese became commercially significant as well.

The new century brought a host of new products and manufacturing sophistication. In 1900, leading product poster artist Leonetto Cappiello would make hundreds of these products well known and unforgettable through humor, bright color and wild metaphors. What better way to promote a "pick me up" drink than to show a playfully devilish statue of a satyr coming to life while drinking it through a straw, as in his Menthe Pastille of 1906, Achille Mauzan, another top artist, created a timeless close-up for Bertozzi Parmigiano in 1924 of 3 elderly Italians crowding around a cheese wheel, savoring its aroma.

Streamlined Art Deco images for food and drink products became popular in the late 1920s and 1930s. Marcello Nizzoli in 1926 created two stunning Cubist inspired posters for Campari, the leading Italian aperitif that had commissioned first-rate posters continuously since the 1890s. The era did not abandon the use of humor either - - A.M. Cassandre, the most important poster artist of the era, created perhaps the most famous advertising character for Dubonnet that merged Art Deco style with the Cappiello approach in 1932.

The Germans and especially the Swiss pursued the Object Poster, a simple but dramatic style that eliminated most text and focused on the object. The Fifties would witness the rise of the global brand, and the poster adapted to the baby boom economy. The predominant 50s Style was relaxed, playful and youthful. 

Food and beverage posters comprise one of the most popular categories of vintage poster collecting, and are perennial favorites in kitchens and dining rooms as well as in bars and restaurants.

Leading Artists:

France:  Bellenger, Cappiello, Cassandre, Cheret, d'Ylen, Le Monnier, Robys, Savignac, Steinlen, Sommer, and Villemot

Switzerland:  Baumberger, Birkhauser, Brun, Buhler, and Leupin

Italy:  Codognato, Dudovich, Hohenstein, Hohlwein, Mauzan, Nizzoli, Seneca, and Sepo 

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Bitter Campari Original Poster by Leonetto Cappiello
Cappiello, Leonetto.
Bitter Campari (jester), 1924 ca. 

Prunier Original Poster by Pierre Falize
   Falize, Pierre.
Prunier, 1930 ca. 

Spa Citron Original Poster by Geo
Spa Citron, 1925 

Fonte Meo Original Poster by Francesco Nonni
  Nonni, Francesco.
Fonte Meo, 1910 ca.

Brak Liqueur Original Poster by Otto Baumberger
  Baumberger, Otto.
Brak Liqueur, 1937  

Cafes Manera Original Poster by Samuel Henchoz
 Henchoz, Samuel.
Cafes Manera, 1950 

Save the Products of the Land Original Poster by Charles Livingston Bull
  Bull, Charles Livingston.
Save the Products of the Land, 1917 ca.

Jello Leopard Original Poster by Artist Unknown
 Artist Unknown.
Jello (leopard), 1954

Pause Trink Coca-Cola Original Poster by Herbert Leupin
  Leupin, Herbert.
Pause - Trink Coca-
Cola, 1953 

Bell (carving board) Original Poster by Herbert Leupin
  Leupin, Herbert.
Bell (carving board), 1939 

Chocolat Pupier Jacquemaire Original Poster by Herve Morvan
   Morvan, Herve.
Chocolat Pupier
Jacquemaire, 1967 

Beer glass with green glove Original Poster by Peter Birkhauser
 Birkhauser, Peter.
Beer glass with green
glove, 1957