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Chamonix Mont-Blanc Original Poster by Francisco TamagnoTamagno, Francisco.
Chamonix Mont-Blanc, 1901

Sports d'Hiver Chamonix Original Poster by Jules Abel Faivre Faivre, Jules Abel.
Sports d'Hiver Chamonix, 1905 

Palace Hotel St. Moritz Original Poster by Emil Cardinaux
Cardinaux, Emil.
Palace Hotel - St. Moritz, 1920 

Val Gardena Original Poster by Franz Lenhart
Lenhart, Franz.
Val Gardena, 1930

 St. Moritz Original Poster by Walter Herdeg
Herdeg, Walter.
St. Moritz (FIS Cup), 1933 

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Ski Primer: 

One of the most sought-after collectibles today, ski posters capture the joy of fresh mountain air and the exhilaration of a downhill run through tree-lined glades. Combining travel, sports, and fashion, the ski and other wintersport posters have become a blue-chip category around the world over the last fifteen years.

The first winter resorts appeared in the 1860s and up until 1920, iceskating, luge, tobogganing and cross country were the primary sports. Although by 1900 downhill skiing had become a daredevil's choice, it would grow slowly til the 1930s, when downhill first appeared in the Olympics (Germany, 1936) and the first chairlifts were installed (Sun Valley, 1936). After WWII, wintersport grew rapidly as equipment and resorts were built. With the advent of the metal ski in the 1960s and the baby boomer generation, the ski industry took off around the world.

The birth of the colored lithographic poster in the 1890s was seized on by railroads, resorts, local tourist boards, and event organizers who wanted to promote their businesses. The earliest ski posters appeared around 1900 and by the 1920s were particularly popular for leading resorts, most of which were in Switzerland. The first ski posters were typically Art Nouveau in style, with flowing designs and curving letters. In Germany and Switzerland, the more severe Plakatstil arose around 1905. This style, with its more modern emphasis on flat colors and shapes, gave an impression of timelessness, even when figures were featured in the poster. 

By the late 1920s and throughout the 1930s, dynamic Art Deco posters drew new interest in the sport. After the war, those streamlined vistas and skiiers gave way to humor, and by the 1960s most posters were photographic. While dramatic and handsome, the classic age of the illustrated ski poster was over.  

Other factors specific to ski posters include locale, as many collectors treasure posters posters from their favorite ski areas. Older ski posters have more historical interest, charm and rarity; not surprisingly, images from before World War II are now very hard to find. This has sparked interest in posters from the Fifties and Sixties, which are nostalgic for aging Baby Boomers and more plentiful. 

Most ski posters are 27 x 40 inches, the travel poster format used in train stations and kiosks around the world. It is a very flexible size for ski chalets and homes.

Leading Artists:

United States:  Armsheimer, Joanethis, Liebow, Maurer, and Rivolta

France:  BrodersDorival and Michaud

Switzerland:  Bickel, Borer, Cardinaux, Carigiet, Diggelmann, Falk, Hellinger, Herdeg, LeupinLibis, and Matter

Germany:  Erdt and Kunst  

Italy:  BoccasileLenhart, and Puppo

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Zermatt Original Poster by Emil Cardinaux
Cardinaux, d'apres Emil.
Zermatt Matterhorn (limited edition print), 1980 ca.

Chemin de Fer Martigny-Orsieres Original Poster by Albert Muret
   Muret, Alfred.
  Chemin de Fer

Valais - Le Pays du Soleil Original Poster by Libis
  Libizewski (Libis), 
H. Berthold.
Valais - Le Pays du
Soleil, 1949 

Germany 1936 Original Poster by Ludwig Hohlwein
Hohlwein, Ludwig.
Germany 1936 - IVth Olympic Winter Games, 1936

Jeux Olympiques d'Hiver Original Poster by Fritz Hellinger
Hellinger, Fritz.
  Jeux Olympiques
d'Hiver, 1948  

Superbagneres Original Poster by Leonetto Cappiello
 Cappiello, Leonetto.
  Superbagneres -
Luchon, 1929 

Megeve - PLM Original Poster by Rene Michaud
Michaud, Rene.
Megeve - PLM, 1933 

Brunex die elegante Hose Original Poster by Albert Borer
 Borer, Albert.
  Brunex die elegante
Hose, 1960

Dolomiti Cortina Original Poster by Franz Lenhart
  Lenhart, Franz.
Dolomiti Cortina,
1935 ca. 

Dartmouth 1938 Winter Carnival Original Poster by TH Joanethis
Joanethis, T H.
Dartmouth 1938 Winter Carnival, 1938

Vers le Mont Blanc Original Poster by Georges Dorival
  Dorival, Georges.
  Vers le Mont Blanc,

Ski The New Haven Railroad Original Poster by Sascha Maurer
 Maurer, Sascha.
  Ski The New Haven
Railroad, 1939