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Mar 12, 2017

Boston Magazine

Best Art Galleries in Boston


"...It would be an understatement to say that the vast selection at this South End shop, recently relocated from Newbury Street, goes well beyond your standard Bob Marley fare. Stop in to peruse more than 10,000 vintage originals, from hard-to-find art deco posters to space-age Soviet masterpieces."


Must Buy: Chat Noir, Ce Soir, by Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen, 1896, lithograph on linen backing

Jan 30, 2017

Panorama | bostonguide.com

Boston Accent: Bon Voyage


This February, the International Poster Gallery is saying a fond farewell to Newbury Street, and hello to the up-and-coming SoWa arts district (so called for being south of Washington Street) in Boston's South End. [Gallery owner Jim] Lapides is excited. "When you are an art dealer, you constantly have to reinvent yourself...SoWa will be a continuation of that adventure [in] a new neighborhood, [with] a new, modern gallery that will have a totally different feel. Having a strong arts community around us will be invigorating. And free, convenient parking for our clients may sound prosaic, but it is a big plus."

Jan 03, 2017

Boston Globe

Iconic Posters from a Time When Flight and Art Made Magic


Travel art "has become a major area of collecting," said Jim Lapides, owner of the poster gallery, which furnished some of the images for Hühne's book. That's in part because it wistfully evokes a time when travel was mysterious and privileged, Lapides said, beginning with the advent of the Orient Express - which coincided with the dawn of the stylish advertising poster. "That sort of thing had to be promoted, and the poster was colorful and practical," Lapides said. "It could be put right on the platform."

Jul 29, 2016

Antiques and the Arts Weekly

 International Poster Gallery Celebrates Summer  Travels With Vintage Posters


 "Paced by a fine collection of airline posters, the exhibition's headliner is  Bermuda - 5 Hours by Air PAA by Adolph Treidler c. 1937, which depicts  a handsome young couple heading out on their bicycles under a star-filled  sky. Overhead, a Pan Am flying boat is silhouetted by the full moon as a  sailboat glides by in the harbor. Inspiring honeymooners to the island for decades, this romantic poster is one of the earliest to advertise Pan Am's New York to Bermuda route, which became the initial stop on the world's first transatlantic route."

Jul 09, 2016

Art Daily

Summer Getaway! International Poster Gallery opens 22nd Annual Summer Poster Show


 International Poster Gallery is presenting "Summer Getaway! 22nd Annual  Summer Poster Show," including more than 50 original vintage travel and  leisure posters from near and far, plus a new discovery of 30 rarely-seen  airline posters.                          
"As always, our 22nd Summer Show is full of fun combined with great design. This year the energy of Mid-Century Modernism is front and center," states gallery owner Jim Lapides, a nationally recognized authority on vintage posters and poster collecting. "Many of these are avidly sought by museums today and are still very affordable to beginning collectors."  

Oct 14, 2015

Improper Bostonian

"Motivational Peeking" by Sarah Hagman


"The last time someone called you a tightwad, it probably wasn't meant to be uplifting. In the Roaring '20s, it was a different story. This month, International Poster Gallery displays recently discovered motivational prints from Chicago printing firm Mather and Company, which took a page from the government's World War I poster campaign to boost workplace morale. Find slogans that once graced factory walls, like the aforementioned "Be a Tightwad," "Hot Heads Never Do Cool Thinking," "Hoping Beats Moping," and the motto above, inspired by aviator Charles Lindbergh's pioneering 33-hour solo flight across the Atlantic. Find some encouragement at "Who Said 'Can't'?" on view through November 15."

May 11, 2015

New England Home

International Poster Gallery New Collectors Opening Night 


"Jim Lapides, the owner of the International Poster Gallery in Boston, offered his expert advice about curating a poster collection. After the talk, guests perused the gallery's extensive collection, especially the exhibit called 'Affordable Classics: Posters for the New Collector.'"




Jul 30, 2014

Art Daily

art-dailyTimeless Journeys: 21st Annual Summer Poster Show at International Poster Gallery


"International Poster Gallery presents the 21st Annual Summer Show: Timeless Journeys. Travel posters awaken our dreams of adventure, nostalgia, beauty, and wanderlust perhaps more than any other poster category. Experience traveling to these exotic vistas through more than 50 posters from the Golden Age of Travel to Mid- Century Modern. Highlights include early Pan Am posters, a spectacular range of Air France posters, and smaller graphics such as luggage labels."

Jul 29, 2014

Boston Globe - Boston-area To Do list

Pick of the Day - Up, Up, and Away


"Air travel isn't what it used to be. In 1939, Pan Am's Boeing 314 flew from San Francisco to Hawaii with 36 passengers, who had gourmet food, dressing rooms, and bunk beds. More than 50 posters chronicle travel from 1890-1970 at 'Timeless Journeys.'"





Jun 18, 2014

Frommer's Boston Day By Day Guide - 2014

We're Frommer's Most Unexpected Boston Shopping Destination!


"Yes, posters are art -- as you'll see before you even cross the threshold of this extraordinary gallery. It features extensive collections of French, Swiss, Soviet, and Italian vintage posters, and thousands of other posters, including originals from around the world. The enthusiastic, accommodating staff will comb its databases (cyber and cerebral) to help you find the exact image you want, and the website is a great resource."


RESULTS: 51 articles PAGES: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6