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Jun 27, 2009

Financial Times: Collecting - Sale of the Week

Financial Times, Italian PostersPoster Power, Italian Style: "When Yale art history graduate Jim Lapides began collecting posters during the early 1990s, he focused on those produced in Italy between the end of the 19th century and the late 1930s.  At the time, the poster art of France and Britain was widely recognised for its collectability but Italy's attracted relatively few enthusiasts.  By 1994, Lapides had already acquired so many quality examples that he decided to turn his passion into a business and opened Boston's International Poster Gallery which now holds a stock of more than 10,000 vintage posters from countries around the world, covering subjects ranging from planes, trains and automobiles to opera, sport, music and film.  For this selling exhibition, however, Lapides has returned to his first love - the Italian poster art for which his gallery is now recognised as being the best in the world..."

Jun 18, 2009

Playboy's A-List: America's Coolest Stores


America's Coolest Stores...The posters on the hallowed walls of Jim Lapides's gallery aren't the kind destined for thumb tacks and dorm rooms. He's spent years combing through flea markets and estate sales, tracking down his impeccable collection of Bolshevik propaganda, classic ski art, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau advertising from around the globe. If you go, go prepared: Check the web site's invaluable searchable database for ideas.

Apr 01, 2009

France Magazine


France MagazineL'Apero! by Renee Schettler
...This early, unregulated age of alcohol advertising coincided with the Art Nouveau movement that swept across Europe in the early 1890s. Artist Jules Cheret promoted aperitifs in joyful posters featuring his trademark swoops, swirls and flourishes. "Those full-color, life-size advertisements were unprecedented," explains Jim Lapides, art historian and owner of the International Poster Gallery in Boston. "They drew a lot of attention and inspired an entire generation of poster artists." Painter Leonetto Cappiello, known as the father of modern advertising, later produced simpler, sleeker images that not only captivated passersby on Paris's busy boulevards but instilled in them a memory of the actual product -- the beginning of branding.


Jan 01, 2009

Frommer's Boston 2009


Frommers Boston 20093-Star Rating - "Yes, posters are art -- as you'll see before you even cross the threshold of this extraordinary gallery. It features extensive collections of French, Swiss, Soviet, and Italian vintage posters, and thousands of other posters...from around the world. The accommodating staff will comb its databases (cyber and cerebral) to help you find the exact image you want. The theme of the works on display changes three or four times a year. Prices start at $50 with most between $500 and $2000."




Jan 01, 2008

Culture + Travel Magazine


"The Armchair Skier: Vintage ski posters are so vivid you can almost feel the powder. Fortunately prices haven't yet peaked." by Everett Potter.

"With their vibrant colors and bold graphics, classic ski posters from 1910 to about 1960 served to both entice and educate the public about an emerging and exotic winter sport. They were meant to transport you from your gloomy northern European city to a perpetually sunny mountaintop in the Alps, where beautiful, stylish, incredibly fit young people were flirting, adjusting their gear, and occasionally even skiing. "Ski posters combine travel, sports, and fashion, and that's a very powerful combination" says Jim Lapides, president of the International Poster Gallery in Boston and a longtime dealer in the field...[He] is as knowledgeable as anyone in the business and is constantly adding to his inventory."

One of the great images is Carl Kunst's Bazar Nurnberg from 1912, a favorite of Lapides'. "This is a totally quiet poster," he says of the elegiac image of a skier adjusting his bindings in the forest. "He's out there, the way you are in the morning, adjusting your skis in the middle of nowhere amid nature. It's what posters are about. They can transport you to a place you want to go..."

Sep 15, 2007

Hole in the Wall Charity Auction


The centerpiece for the annual Gala Charity Auction for Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang Camp was donated by International Poster Gallery -- the spectacular 1966 Italian poster for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof  by leading posterist Nano. Signed by both Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor, the poster commanded a winning bid of $40,000, enough to send 16 children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases to the camp for a summer! 

Dec 01, 2006

Classic Poster Collector

Reader's Choice Selection for Best Poster Information -  "Fellow poster dealers give accolades to Boston's International Poster Gallery for publishing the most comprehensive information on original vintage posters. You can search by artist, title or inventory number and read texts about artists, styles and exhibitions. The site also helps you research the market value of vintage posters."

Jan 30, 2006

Panorama Magazine


Treasure Hunt - Seven Places to find Boston's Coolest Collectibles -  "For Jim Lapides, collecting vintage posters has 'been a labor of love' ever since he became partial to Italian design while studying in Florence. In his quest for graphic masterpieces, Lapides has traveled to estate sales, attics and flea markets in remote corners of the world. 'I'm interested in modern art in all its guises - good design from all eras,' he says."




Dec 05, 2005

Boston Globe Featured Exhibit


"If you take home a poster from the International Poster Gallery exhibit Deco the Halls  you won't want to hang it with thumb tacks or tape. These 30 antique seasonal gems offer playful, elegant depictions of skiing, shopping, and dancing in the early 1900s."



Dec 01, 2005

Time Magazine Winter Supplement

The Best Products, People and Places of 2005 - Gordon Thompson, creative director of Cole Haan and part-time Honolulu resident, reveals his list of tropical-chic gifts for the holidays: #1 - Selection of original vintage posters at internationalposter.com. "They're really special and highly, highly collectible right now."

RESULTS: 54 articles PAGES:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6