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Jul 01, 2002

Boston Magazine

Our Top Picks for July 2002 - "Happily, there are no references to the Titanic. Instead, you'll be wowed by majestic ocean liners and picturesque beaches that graced travel posters trumpeting the beauty and adventure of the French Riviera, the Orient Express and Monte Carlo. From Art Deco to Art Nouveau, Steam into Summer at Internatonal Poster Gallery will leave you feeling nostalgic."

Mar 01, 2002

Boston Globe


"The kids hang them on their walls, but these vintage posters at the International Poster Gallery's Spring to Life exhibit usually hang in museums."





Feb 01, 2002

Art New England


"The posters in this handsomely mounted exhibition [at Karl Drerup Art Gallery at Plymouth State College], curated by Catherine Amidon in cooperation with the International Poster Gallery, incorporate a variety of subjects: the nation's workforce, the Red Army, the threat of capitalism, foreign intervention, famine, reform, education, and the economy. Cheap, plentiful, often shocking, the posters feature strong lines, powerful diagonals, extreme foreshortening, and elements of photomontage."


Jan 01, 2002

Boston Globe Calendar Magazine

Movie Mania - "International Poster Gallery has the lock on Russian and Italian classic movie posters, even though film posters are only a small part of its business. Proprietor Jim Lapides, who specializes in fine art graphics and advertising art, is an expert on the 1920s Constructivist posters by the Stenberg Brothers."

Jan 01, 2001

San Francisco Chronicle

A World of Art on the Web - "Poster Aficionados can find just about anything on the International Poster Gallery site, including this 1925 lithograph, the 'Fight of Two Giants'".



Jan 01, 2001


"International Poster Gallery's new exhibit Let it Snow! captures the spirit and rustic glamour of downhill skiing's fabled past. Francisco Tamagno's Chamonix, Mont-Blanc (c. 1901), one of the first posters ever designed to market a railway toward skiers, is unquestionably the exhibit's cornerstone."

Dec 16, 2000

Boston Herald


"Let it Snow!, the new exhibit at the International Poster Gallery, appreciates this winter sport [skiing] - safely, from ground level by letting more than 50 rare original vintage posters tell its history, starting with a 1905 poster of the Luzern ski club... Another work is from 1936, the year the Winter Olympics started to include Alpine events. And a 1960s poster that shows the plastic-made ski boot revolution asks, "Are you still lacing while others are racing?"

Aug 29, 2000

Boston CitySearch

"The International Poster Gallery's Midsummer Magic, an exhibit that celebrates the golden age of poster art, is a marvel of visual delights. By the early 20th century, new printing techniques helped make advertising quicker and cheaper. Too bad, because the old lithographic poster's sensitive colors and textures are unlike anything we have dotting our roadsides today."

Jul 14, 2000

Boston Globe Pulse

A Poster Boy for Advertising Behavior by David Wildman - "A walk through the gallery can be a vivid and colorful trip through the past, from the flowery romanticism of the Belle Epoque through the sleek futurism of A. M. Cassandre's trains and steamships in the Art Deco period, to the psychedlic pop art creations of the 1960s."

Oct 01, 1999

House and Garden

"Jim Lapides, of the International Poster gallery in Boston, pursues the relatively rare Object Posters that had their beginnings in Germany just after the turn of the century and flowered later in Switzerland during the 1930s and 1940s."

RESULTS: 50 articles PAGES: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5