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Oct 08, 1997

Boston Globe


A Graphic Look at the Soviet Hard Sell  by Christine Temin - "When Red Saw Green: Soviet Advertising and Film Posters of the Twenties  is a fascinating show at the Mass College of Art's Huntington Gallery. Organized by Jim Lapides, owner of the International Poster Gallery on Newbury Street, the exhibition focuses on the New Economic Policy of the 1920s, when the economy was a disaster and the Bolsheviks were forced to allow some private enterprise... The Mass Art show is a fine addition to a short list [of recent shows on Soviet design in the Boston area.] It's also a must for anyone interested in the history of conveying messages through pictures...These masterpieces of 20th century design were intended to be used and tossed. Instead, they've ended up...on museum walls."

Jan 01, 1997

Art & Antiques

Posters on Parade by Jim Waltzer - "Russian posters of WWII and the Bolshevik Revolution (1917 - 1921) are noteworthy for their powerful graphic design and savvy propaganda - and as relative bargains. 'We have museum quality pieces going for under $1,000,' says Jim Lapides, whose Boston-based International Poster Gallery will begin a six week Soviet exhibition at the end of February...The International Poster Gallery show, War and Revolution, will combine American World War I posters with those of the Boshevik period and its aftermath."

May 30, 1996

Boston Globe - Living Arts

"The Art of Propaganda" by Cate McQuaid - "Buy War Bonds. Uncle Sam Wants You. Before the advent of television, posters played a large part in rallying the citizenry in times of crisis. The same was true in the Soviet Union, where citizens were spurred to action as an army of workers, putting their noses to the grindstone for the state. 'Revolution by Design', now up at the International Poster Gallery, shows off some of the work of the USSR's best artists and graphic designers."

Jan 01, 1996

Latitudes - American Eagle Airline Magazine


"Another kind of advertising is celebrated at 205 Newbury, where the International Poster Gallery showcases a dazzling trove of vintage European and other posters, easily one of the best hordes in the country."







Jan 01, 1996

Boston Business Journal

Passion for Posters - Executive turns hobby into Newbury Street Art Gallery - "On the walls of International Poster Gallery are vintage posters by the most famous poster artists of the last 100 years. Each is a piece of marketing history, displaying the various styles that have been used throughout the 20th century to sell everything from fashion to motorcycles - even revolution... With a collection of more than 5,000 posters, the Gallery is the only one in the country to specialize in Italian commercial art."

Dec 24, 1995

The New York Times

Then and Now, Selling with Bold Images and Vivid Color" by William Zimmer - "Advertising then was much like advertising now. This is one of the messages in the exhibition of vintage Swiss, Italian and Dutch posters at the Art Gallery of the Norwalk Community Technical College... The 18 posters are from the collection of Jim Lapides, owner of the International Poster Gallery of Boston. Exhibitions here always allure with bold images and color, and the present one is no exception."

RESULTS: 46 articles PAGES: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5