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Decorating with Posters Exhibition

Decorating with Posters Exhibition  

Affordable Classics for the New Collector

April 5 through May 12, 2016

International Poster Gallery proudly presents "Decorating with Posters: Affordable Classics for the New Collector," a show and sale of original vintage posters from $250 to $2500 that reveal why the field remains one of the best for newcomers. The show features fine examples from several styles, subjects, and eras to indicate the incredible breadth of opportunities for any budding collector or home decorator.

"What was your first poster acquisition?"

Gallery Owner Jim Lapides' first poster buy:

Decorating with Posters Exhibition

"An oldie but a goodie - Leonetto Cappiello's Nitrolian, surely one of the best designs by the 'father of modern advertising'. I was immediately captivated by this poster for quick drying paint. The artist was so clever to make it clear it was NOT about woman's shoes or stockings by not coloring them. And the paint can which was a poster within a poster, repeating the whole scene in miniature! How witty, and how dramatic -- gorgeous -- the deep red stairs are so striking against the solid black background.

But there is more - the lettering. I realized later this was the most Deco styled lettering in any Cappiello poster, with its clean lines and rich blue outline. The streamlined typeface subtly communicates how fast the paint dries.

I still own this poster - it continues as a favorite! My choice has also confirmed another one of my strong beliefs - buy what you love and let it appreciate while you appreciate it. The Nitrolian now sells for about 4 times what I paid for it in the early Nineties.The poster field is still ripe opportunity for new collectors. There are fine posters, including museum worthy ones, to be found at every price point."

Here are some of our favorite posters from all subjects and styles to get you started. Find your favorite era below! 

1890-1940: Spanning Art Nouveau, Art Deco, World War I, and more

Decorating with Posters Exhibition
La Bretagne Pittoresque - Chemins de Fer de l'Etat, 1920 ca.

Decorating with Posters Exhibition
Artist Unknown.
Jumpy! (Mather Work
Incentive), 1929

Decorating with Posters Exhibition
Triedler, Adolph.
Care for Her through
the YWCA, 1918  

1940-1970: Spanning World War II, 50s Style, Mid-Century Modern, International Typographic Style

Decorating with Posters Exhibition
Klein, David.
Fly TWA - Los Angeles (constellation), 1959 ca.

Decorating with Posters Exhibition
Albers, Josef.
"Variant: MMA-3" -
100th Anniversary of
the Met (blue), 1970 

Decorating with Posters Exhibition
Nitsche, Erik.

General Dynamics -
Basic Forces, 1956

1970 to Present: Including Graphic Design, International Typographic Posters, Post Modern Posters, and more

Decorating with Posters Exhibition
Schraivogel, Ralph.
Die Stipendiat - Museum fur Gestaltung Zurich, 1991

Decorating with Posters Exhibition
Saint Laurent, Yves.
Love, 1982

Decorating with Posters Exhibition
Botero, Fernando.
Mostly Mozart, 1984

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New Collector's Night is Tuesday, April 5!

Please RSVP at internationalposter.eventbrite.com

We hope to see you there!