Getting Started

Getting Started: Affordable Poster Classics for the New Collector

Fight or Buy Bonds - Third Liberty Loan Original Poster by Howard Chandler Christy

L'Aperitif Amer Picon Original Poster by Severo Pozzati

Le Nil Original Poster by Leonetto Cappiello

Pause - Trink Coca-Cola Original Poster by Herbert Leupin

Relax Original Poster by Rene Gruau


Hong Kong Hotel (Luggage Label) by Dan Sweeney

Affordable Poster Classics for the New Collector

March 12 through April 30, 2013

Also on display: War and Peace: TASS Agency Posters from the Soviet Union 1941 - 1946.

International Poster Gallery is proud to present Getting Startedan exciting show of original vintage posters under $2,500. The exhibit includes many examples that reveal why the poster field remains one of the best for new collectors. The show presents works by renowned poster artists such as Howard Chandler ChristyLeonetto Cappiello, Herbert LeupinOtto Baumberger, and many more.

War and Propaganda posters are one of the largest areas of poster collecting, due to their high quality, reasonable prices, and historical interest. Howard Chandler Christy's 1917 poster Fight or Buy Bonds is a great example that sells for under $1,000 in excellent condition. The show also includes other war subjects, such as rationing, shipbuilding, and home front efforts.

Art Deco is an equally popular collecting category, and fine examples can be found. Sepo's 1930 poster for the French apertif Picon features a bright color palette, angular lines, and a playful spirit. It is hard to match in value, and can easily serve as the focal point in almost any setting.

Leonetto Cappiello is considered the father of modern advertising, creating close to 1,000 product posters between 1900 and 1950. While some of his designs fetch steep prices, some classics are still affordable for a new collector. The best example of this is Le Nil, a 1912 poster for a cigarette rolling paper so strong that the artist chose an elephant to symbolize the brand. The horizontal format is desirable, as most vintage posters were designed in a vertical layout.

Those with an appreciation for Cappiello may also enjoy Herbert Leupin's playful posters. A Swiss-born designer of almost 90 Swiss Poster of the Year awards, Leupin's classic Fifties poster Pause, advertising Coca-Cola, is featured in the show.

Soviet posters from all eras have become a very strong collecting category. Many posters from this era, including the anonymous 1927 cigarette advertisement at left, feature sophisticated Constructivist design, and make great starter pieces for the new collector.

Travel is another sought-after collecting category, and the gallery has over 1,500 examples of travel posters. Included in the show is Rene Gruau's Relax (1954), created for the French-based cruise line Compagnies Maritimes. Featuring an Audrey Hepburn look-alike enjoying a carefree day at sea, a fine example of the poster is available at the gallery for under $2,000.

Also included in the show are a number of smaller graphics, many framed and available for under $100. Vintage luggage labels, like the Grand Hotel Hawaii, are hugely popular. These beautifully designed labels were affixed to suitcases of intrepid travelers as a scrapbook of exotic destinations.

New Collectors Night is Thursday, April 25, 2013!

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