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Larger than Life

vintage poster, "Bi-Oro Creme Solari" by Leupin

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The Swiss Object Poster 1919-1959

September 12 through October 22, 1998 

Objects larger than life - so large they become icons - are the subject matter of Switzerland's leading poster style after World War I and continuing beyond mid-century. Featuring hyper-realistic drawings of everyday objects with little text, the style focused everything on the beauty and precision of even the most mundane products. As a group, these posters reveal breathtaking graphic skill and unprecedented printing quality, and are in many ways the culmination of the classic age of the lithographic poster.

We have assembled a spectacular assortment of these images - more than 50 from the best Swiss artists, such as Baumburger, Stoecklin, BirkhauserLeupin and Brun.

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