Masterpiece May

Masterpiece May 




Stunning new acquistions from every era of the poster's 130 year history




Cycles Gladiator Original Poster by Artist Unknown


Fragment of an Empire Original Poster by Stenberg Brothers


Internationale Hygiene Ausstellung Dresden Original Poster by Franz Von Stuck



Bi-Oro Original Poster by Niklaus Stoecklin


McCoy Turner Original Poster by Niklaus Troxler




Masterpiece May - Superb New Arrivals

Extended through late June 2017

April showers have brought May flowers at International Poster Gallery! We are proud to announce our exhibition, Masterpiece May - Superb New Arrivals, including masterpieces of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, every type of Modernism in the 20th Century, and a wide variety of subjects at all price ranges.  The exhibition is being extended through late June at our new SoWa Gallery in Boston's South End.

Exhibition Highlights:

Signature illegible, Cycles Gladiator, circa 1895

Few posters have captivated more than this stunning image for Gladiator Cycles. A stunning damsel with free-flowing red hair is rocketed forward through the heavens by a winged bicycle - a classic metaphor for the utility of the new form of transportation.The poster was also a grand metaphor for the liberation of women which the bicycle helped foster.



The Stenberg Brothers, Fragment of an Empire, 1927 

Fragment of an Empire is a Soviet silent film about an amnesiac veteran of World War I who regains his memory after the Russian Revolution. The poster captures the veteran's reaction to the new Soviet world, his horror visible in his fear-crazed expression.

A work of leading Constructivists Gyorgi Stenberg and his brother Vladimir, this Avant-Garde design is as shocking and powerful as the movie itself. It is considered one of the masterpieces of poster art. Extremely rare.




Franz Von Stuck, Internationale Hygiene Ausstellung Dresden, 1911

Von Stuck was a founding member of the Munich Secession, a group of artists that aggressively sought to overcome the art establishment. As a Symbolist and Art Nouveau master, his designs have a mysterious and timeless quality, as seen in this famous 1911 poster for a German Health Exposition. Floating above a classical Greek frieze, the all-seeing eye symbolizes the knowledge, intuition and inquisitiveness required to make health advancements.  This classicism belies Von Stuck's incipient modernism in its bold and clean geometry. His pupils included Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Josef Albers.



Niklaus Stoecklin, Bi-Oro, 1960

Stoecklin's Bi-Oro suntan lotion is one of the most celebrated posters of the Object Poster Style that dominated Swiss product advertising from the 1920s through the 1950s. It mesmerized viewers when it was posted throughout Switzerland.

An accomplished Surrealist painter, Stoecklin turned to posters in the 1920s. His developed a style so hyper-realistic that his posters were said to express the perfection of the Machine Age. This style was especially suited to lithography, where brilliant color and richness in texture could be achieved to make objects look real. 



Niklaus TroxlerMcCoy Tyner, 1980

Not only is Nicklaus Troxler a world famous Post Modernist graphic designer, he is also an amateur musician and promoter since the mid 1970s of the Willisau Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Perhaps the series best poster is his ingenious poster for McKoyTyner. Compared to the cool, rational and restrained posters of the Swiss Style of the Fifties and Sixties, Troxler creates an aggressively dynamic typographic design in jarring, Pop colors. It is surprisingly legible and totally expressive of the energy and originality of Tyner's music.