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Midsummer Masterpieces

Martini Vermouth original poster by Giorgio Muggiani  




Celebrate summer with a superb group of new arrivals - many we have not seen before. 





Martini Vermouth Original Poster by Giorgio Muggiani



Wagon-Bar Original Poster by A.M. Cassandre





 Le Tour du Mt Blanc Original Poster by Roger Broders





Rare & Important Arrivals from Cassandre & Other Poster Masters

July 3 through July 31, 2017

Stunning new arrivals, the subject of our exhibition last month, is the focus of our latest blockbuster show, Midsummer Masterpieces. The posters form the core of our new exhibition through July 31st.

Just a few of the artists represented: Cassandre, Fix-Masseau, Loupot, Bonfils, Schnackenberg, Rene Vincent, Leupin, Muller-Brockmann, Muggiani, Sironi and Hohlwein. Take a peek at some special things!

Exhibition Highlights:


Giorgio Muggiani, Martini Vermouth, 1921

In this electrifying image, a superhuman figure is propelled like a roman candle by a bottle of Martini Vermouth. A wild and fantastic image, it reveals Muggiani's knowledge of Italian Futurist painters and their love of modern technology, its dynamism and its power.

Muggiani created about 50 posters and this is surely his masterpiece. It is the only example of its size we have encountered in 25 years.



A.M. Cassandre, Wagon-Bar, 1932  

The genius of A.M Cassandre was his extraordinary ability to use modern art to best convey a message. In this poster promoting club cars on Wagon-Lits luxury trains, Cassandre chose to use a cubistic still life - an interesting choice given that his famous rail posters in the past had used Futurism and Surrealism to express the speed and excitement of riding the rails.

Here the greatest poster artist of the 20th century takes a different tack. He wants to express the smooth ride and tranquility of enjoying a cocktail enroute. Note that he only shows a solid single rail to which the design is solidly anchored, plus the rock-steady images of wine bottle and glass, cocktail with twin straws, seltzer bottle and bread. 

The train is shown as a gray photomontage backdrop while other items are highlighted in harmonious lithographed colors. It is an ingenious way to express that half the fun is getting there - that a slow and timeless repast is one of the joys of train travel.


Roger Broders, Le Tour du Mt. Blanc, 1924  

Early in his career Roger Broders created one of the most unique and ingenious travel posters for the PLM railway?s bus tours around Chamonix. Using a nautilus shell as his inspiration, Broder shows an open air tour bus circumnavigating a gold tinged Chamonix. This design was so captivating that it was unmissable to anyone who saw it.

Through the 1920s, the railroads used travel posters heavily to promote ticket sales. Broders created nearly 100 carefully constructed and immaculately printed posters for PLM which evoked a golden age of travel like no other. 

This poster was unusual as it focused on the railway?s bus tour division, which arose in the 1920s around rail hubs as motor vehicles became reliable and roads navigable. This strategy was perfect for Chamonix, a burgeoning ?world-class? resort, which hosted the first winter Olympics in 1924, the year of this poster. 


 Cote Dazur Original Poster by Pierre Fix-Masseau Production Original Poster by Jean Carlu L'Ambrosiano Original Poster by Mario Sironi
 La Raquette Ram Original Poster by Rene Vincent       Musica Viva Original Poster by Josef Muller-Brockman Vivator Original Poster by Ludwig Hohlwein
 Autriche Original Poster by Atelier Binder       Bally (with dog) Original Poster by Pierre Augsburger Coca Cola Original Poster by Herbert Leupin
 Zolchin Original Poster by Yosef Kuzkovski       Baumann Original Poster by Otto Baumberger Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs Original Poster by Robert Bonfils
 Etoile du Nord Original Poster by A. M. Cassandre Exposition Canine Original Posters by P. Mahler General Dynamics - Energetic Earth Original Poster by Erik Nitsche
 Homeward - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Original Posters by Paul Erkelens       Opernhaus Zurich Original Poster by Josef Muller-Brockmann Speed Underground Original Poster by Alan Rogers