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Revolution by Design


Unknown, Responsibilities of the Friends

Klutsis, Millions of Qualified Workers

Soviet Posters 1917-1937

February 6 to April 6, 2002

Curated by Catherine Amidon, Director of Exhibitions in conjunction with International Poster Gallery, Boston Massachusetts

"The notion of art into life and the theoretical constructs behind the visual arts in the fledgling Soviet Union between 1914 and 1932 are still alive in visual culture. The multitude of influences of Soviet design in contemporary American culture speak to the level of interest Constructivism has generated."

Nationally-standardized McDonalds' interiors are the ultimate realization of Rodchenko's "Workers' Club;" revolving Hyatt restaurants a manifestation of Tatlin's Tower ("Model for the Monument to the Third International"); and computer graphics provide the means to finally realize Ouspensky's theory of the fourth dimension in art."

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