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Summer Adventures!

    Hamburg-Sud Billige Mittelmeerreisen Original Poster by Ottomar Anton

vintage poster - "Monaco 1936" by Ham


vintage poster, "Musee d'Ethnographie du Trocodero" by Colin

Our 14th Annual Summer Poster Show

July 4 through September 3, 2007 

The spirit of wanderlust is indulged in our 14th Annual Summer Poster Show, "Summer Adventures!" The show spotlights more than 50 original vintage travel posters, sport, and entertainment posters from near and far.

Our exhibition is headlined by transportation posters for the sky and road. The show includes the most famous Pan Am Clipper poster, Paul Lawler's Pan Am to South Sea Isles from 1939 (seen above without text). This poster brings to life the exotic adventure of luxury travel in the Thirties by depicting a beautiful island native serenely watching a Boeing Super Clipper 314 land in the dramatic bay of Pago Pago. Pan Am's famous Clippers would be the first regularly scheduled seaplanes to conquer the Atlantic and the Pacific. From the previous year, we present Dodge 1938 depicting a family heading out for a summer vacation at the shore.

Train and ocean travel are well represented in Summer Adventures! The posters for German ocean liner companies in the Thirties are one of the best kept secrets of the poster world. Ottomar Anton's Hamburg-Sud Billige Mittelmeerreisen, a view of a camel and Arab rider in front of the pyramids, illustrates the growing popularity of cruises to the Middle East in the Thirties. The Golden Age of travel is equally well evoked through stunning Fauvist posters by Guillame Rogier for the PLM railway, both titled L'ete sur la Cote d'Azur of 1924 and 1926. The Twenties saw an explosion of interest in summer travel to the Cote d'Azur after predominantly being a winter resort since the 1890s.

Summer sport posters echo the theme of adventure, and auto racing from several decades is represented by Geo Ham's Monaco posters from the Thirties, Beligond's Le Mans images from the Fifties, and Porsche images from the Seventies. Summer refreshment is also included in the display with Perrier - Pschitt! This 1960 design after Bernard Villemot perfectly captures the summertime freshness of Perrier.

No summer is complete without blockbuster entertainment, represented in our show by leading Italian film posterist, Giorgio Olivetti's King Kong (1949), which was first shown in Italy after the war. Equally spectacular and evocative is Paul Colin's great exhibition poster for the Ethnographic Museum in Paris featuring the monolithic Moai sculptures of Easter Island. The show concludes with several film festival posters from Switzerland and post-war jazz festival posters from Willisau and Montreux.

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