Summer Getaway!

Summer Getaway! Exhibition 

 Bermuda - 5 Hours by PAA Original Poster by Adolph Treidler

 American Airlines to New York Original Poster by Weimar Pursell

 Yosemite - United Air Lines Original Poster by Joseph Feher

Australia Surf Club Original Poster by Gert Sellheim

 Fly TWA - Los Angeles (constellation) Original Poster by David Klein

23rd Annual Summer Poster Show

July 5 through September 5, 2016

International Poster Gallery proudly presents "Summer Getaway! 23rd Annual Summer Poster Show," including more than 50 original vintage travel and leisure posters from near and far, plus a new discovery of 30 rarely-seen airline posters. 

Our show is paced by a fine collection of airline posters. The headliner, Bermuda - 5 Hours by Air PAA by Adolph Treidler c. 1937, pictures a handsome young couple heading out on their bicycles under a star-filled sky. Overhead, a Pan Am flying boat is silhouetted by the full moon as a sailboat glides by in the harbor. Inspiring honeymooners to the island for decades, this romantic poster is one of the earliest to advertise Pan Am's New York to Bermuda route, which became the initial stop on the world's first transatlantic route.

After World War II, fast and long-distance turbo-props made air travel more affordable for vacationers. An explosion of delightful new ad campaigns to "Everyman" locations created powerful consumer airline brands. A series in the show by Joseph Feher for United Airlines revealed the beauty of the West, including Yosemite, Colorado and the Pacific Northwest, along with Southern California and San Francisco.

The most iconic posters of the era however were the kaleidoscopic, friendly and often whimsical posters of David Klein for TWA. The best of this series are on display in the exhibition, including his kinetic views of the Hollywood Bowl, Times Square and San Francisco Bay in the rare early printings featuring the era's most beautiful plane, the Lockheed Constellation turboprop. In 1957, the debut of the Boeing 707 jet made airline travel even more affordable and fast, and classics from other airlines are included.

Ocean, train and rail travel are also well represented. A.M. Cassandre's 1929 poster for the launch of the Statendam is the perfect expression of the Art Deco style. Power and speed are the message of the streamlined, geometric design by the father of the Machine Age style.

The railway section features several fine designs by Alo for the French railways in the 1920s, and Swiss Rail works by Emil Cardinaux and Daniele Buzzi. From the US is Edward Eggleston's stunning Depression-era Atlantic City from the Pennsylvania Railroad. With its fabulous architectural setting and glamorous bather, it promised an escape to an idyllic world not unlike a Hollywood film.

Summer sport posters echo the theme of adventure, particularly sailing, auto racing and beach themes. Included are Otto von Hanno's charming 1930s Summer in Norway poster of sail boats playing cat and mouse amongst the fjords and the 1936 Art Deco Australia Surf Club by Gert Sellheim. The show concludes with psychedelic Rock & Roll posters from the Fillmore Auditorium and beautiful post-war jazz festival posters from Willisau.

"As always, our 23rd Summer Show is full of fun combined with great design. This year, the energy of Mid-Century Modernism is front and center," states Gallery owner Jim Lapides, a nationally recognized authority on vintage posters and poster collecting. "Many of these are avidly sought by museums today and are still very affordable to beginning collectors."  

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Statendam Original Poster by A.M. Cassandre

Boston - Trans-Canada Air Lines Original Poster by Paul Louch

 Atlantic City Original Poster by Edward Eggleston

Jimi Hendrix Original Poster by Rick Griffin and Victor Moscoso

In Der Schweiz Original Poster by Hans Jegerlehner

 Jazz Festival Willisau Original Poster by Niklaus Troxler

Chicago - Fly Northwest Orient Airlines Original Poster by Artist Unknown

Excursions a la Mer Original Poster by Gustave Fraipont

 Cunard White Star Cruises Original Poster by William Howard Jarvis

Visit France - Paris Original Poster by Tal

BOAC Jets Original Poster by Artist Unknown

 India - Fly TWA Original Poster by David Klein

Sabena - Fly Boeing Intercontinental Original Poster by G. Vanden Eynde

Summer in Norway Original Poster by Otto van Hanno

 BOAC Comet 4 Jetliner Original Poster by Artist Unknown