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Summer of Love Exhibition

Summer of Love Exhibition

Summer of Love Exhibition

Summer of Love Exhibition

Summer of Love Exhibition

Summer of Love Exhibition

Summer of Love Exhibition

Summer of Love Exhibition

Our 15th Annual Summer Poster Show

July 1 through August 31, 2008 

We proudly present "Summer of Love," the gallery's 15th annual summer poster show, running July 1 through August 31, 2008.  Celebrating the pleasures of summer, the exhibition features more than 40 posters for travel, expositions, entertainment and more.


Arnold Skolnick, 3 Days of Peace & Love - Woodstock, 1969

This poster played an essential role in the success of the largest rock concert of the Sixties, an event that was as famous for its freedom from violence as it was for its remarkable musical line-up. It perfectly expressed in one symbol - a dove on a guitar - what Woodstock was about. Despite the need for lengthy text, the poster was as graphically succinct as any poster by Cappiello.
Our Woodstock poster is one of several mementos of the "Psychedelic Sixties" in the show; others include a remarkable Through the Looking Glass LSD blotter and Victor Moscoso's Neon Rose poster starring the Chambers Brothers.

Nembhard N. Culin, In 1939 - The New York World's Fair, 1937

Nembhard N. Culin, an architect working on the World's Fair project was asked to create an advance poster for the event.  His shimmering Art Deco image of the Trylon and Perisphere captured the stunning majesty of the Fair before it even existed.  The stunning bird's-eye view of the ramp to the "World of Tomorrow" inspired a sense of anticipation much like monuments to earlier fairs such as the Eiffel Tower (Paris, 1889) or the White City and the Ferris Wheel (Chicago, 1893).

Culin's design is just one highlight from our collection of world's fair and exposition posters.  We also include images from the San Francisco World's Fair of 1939, the Chicago Fair of 1933/34, the 1937 Paris Exposition Internationale and others.

Mitchell, New Zealand Fiords, circa 1936

Few travel posters are more evocative than this extremely rare and beautiful pre-WWII image from New Zealand.  What could be better than cooking over a campfire while watching the sun slowly set on the majestic peaks of Milford Sound? Oh, to be alive!

Other featured travel destinations are Fez, Kilimanjaro, Skagen (Denmark), Iguazu Falls, Venice, Lake Como, Stockholm and Mont Saint-Michel. Take a tour!

Leupin, Eptinger Acqua Minerale, 1958

"Fresh as a summer day" is a perfect way to describe this Swiss Poster of the Year Award winner by Herbert Leupin. It is one of more than 30 designs that the endlessly creative Leupin invented for Eptinger, the leading Swiss mineral water.  With rich color and its casual style, it is an ideal poster for a beach or country house setting.

Villemot, Plages de France, 1955

Bernard Villemot studied with Art Deco master Paul Colin in Paris.  For the better part of four decades he carried on his spirit of elegance, rich color and abstraction. Villemot also proved to be exceedingly creative, producing long-lived campaigns for Bally, Orangina, Perrier as well as a number of French travel destinations. This is one of his most impressive travel posters.

Muggiani, Martini Vermouth, 1921

Fireworks are on our mind as we approach July 4th.  In this electrifying image, a figure is propelled, much like a roman candle, by a bottle of Martini Vermouth.  It is a wild and fantastic image, revealing Muggiani's knowledge of Italian Futurist painters and their love of modern technology, its dynamism and its power.  Muggiani created about 50 posters and this is surely his masterpiece.  It is the only example of its size (approximately 40" x 55") we have encountered in 20 years.  Muggiani's tour de force is one of several food and beverage posters that conclude the show.