Summer Style

Summer Style



Dip your toes into the spirit of summer with our 24th Annual Summer Poster Show!




Regina Palast Hotel Original Poster by Walter Schnackenberg

London Magazine Original Poster by Tom Purvis 




Caravelle Jet Sabena Airlines Original Poster by G. Vanden Eynde 








Our 24th Annual Summer Show

August 1st through Labor Day, 2017

We are celebrating the spirit of the season with our 24th Annual Summer Poster Show. The joys of beachtravelmusicsport, fine food and spirits from the 1890s to the present are featured in more than 40 vintage posters on exhibit in our gallery. Some highlights:

Walter SchnackenbergRegina Palast Hotel - Tanz Bar, 1932

Schnackenberg was known as the "Toulouse-Lautrec of Germany" for good reason -- like Lautrec he produced few posters, but all of them are considered masterpieces of a decadent and stylish world. In Schnackenberg's case, that was the exotic, erotic, exquisite and twisted world of expressionist pre- and post-WWI Munich.

This rare poster to promote a dance in the Regina Palast Bar featuring the talented Billy Bartholomew Band is a stunning intersection of jagged diagonals. It focuses in on a chic dancing couple, lost in the music and each other as if in a dream. It is one of the masterpieces of Art Deco.


Tom PurvisThe July London Magazine - For Holiday Reading, 1928

This poster promoting the July issue of London Magazine invited viewers to dip their toes in the water and buy the popular magazine. The very graphic and somewhat risque cover (for 1928) was created by Tom Purvis, one of the finest Art Deco artists in Britain. Purvis created more than 100 posters for the London North East Railroad (LNER), many of which are Modernist classics that featured rich patternmaking and blocks of flat color. Ever stylish, clean and direct, Purvis was sought out by first rank clients like Austin Reed, the quintessential men's clothier.


 G. Vanden EyndeCaravelle Jet Continental - Sabena Airlines, 1961

The Caravelle was the first short/medium range jet liner, entering service in 1959. Produced in France, it was a successful plane, whose aft-mounted engine and clean design is still the standard for smaller jet liners.

Sabena received their first Caravelles in 1961 and the Belgian airline produced this elegant Mad Men styled poster to celebrate speedy travel throughout the world. Rare! 

 Generla Dynamics - Energetic Earth Original Poster by Erik Nitsche    New New York Jazz Original Poster by Niklaus Troxler Regina Palast Hotel Original Poster by Walter Schnackenberg
 Albers Galerie Melki Paris Original Poster by Josef Albers   The London Magazine - For Holiday Reading Original Poster by Tom Purvis Pause - Trink Coca-Cola Original Poster by Herbert Leupin
 Ligne Aerienne Original Poster by Unknown Artist    Opernhaus Zurich Medea Original Poster by Josef Muller-Brockman New York Fly TWA Original Poster by David Klein
 France - Provence Original Poster by Tal    Many Heads Mather Work Incentive Original Poster by Unknown Artist Caravelle Jet Continental - Sabena Airlines Original Poster by G Vanden Eynde
 Rome - British European Airways Original Poster by Sir Hugh Maxwell Casson    Euridice Orignal Poster by Odermatt/Tissi Vallon d'Autoire - CDF Paris a Orleans Original Poster by Constant-Duval
 Limonade Joe Original Poster by Unknown Artist    Statendam Holland-America Line Original Poster by A.M. Cassandre Fly Boeing Jet Continental - Sabena Airlines Original Poster by G. Vanden Eynde