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Winter Delights

Winter Delights

Pontresina - Engadin Original Poster by Herbert Matter

Mele: Novita per Signora Original Poster by Leonetto Cappiello

Bally Chaussures Original Poster by Federico Ribas

Hofbauer Klavier - Fabrik Original Poster by August Fischinger

Our 16th Annual Holiday Poster Show

December 1, 2009 through January 31, 2010 


International Poster Gallery announces its 16th annual holiday poster show, "Winter Delights."  Now a Newbury Street holiday tradition, the show features a wide variety of original vintage posters and smaller graphics, with designs running the gamut of both price and personal taste.  The exhibition runs December 1, 2009 - January 31, 2010.  

The holiday show focuses on the joys of the holiday season, including winter sports, entertainment, shopping and food and spirits. Headlining the exhibition is an impressive collection of 20 rarely-seen Zermatt posters. Virtually all of them reveal the striking crooked finger of the Matterhorn, one of the most iconic mountains in the world. The selection spans more than 80 years, including Eric Hermes' 1935 sun-bathed masterpiece Zermatt and Herbert Matter's 1935 pioneering photomontage poster Pontresina, one of the most sought after posters in this expansive genre.  In addition, ski posters from France, Austria, Germany and the US round out several classics from Swiss resorts such as Grindelwald, Davos and St. Moritz.

Holiday style is seen in several fashion posters from around the globe. This section is paced by Leonetto Cappiello's 1903 design for the pioneering Neapolitan department store Mele.  The Novita Per Signora ("new fashions for women") is alive with excitement as a formally-clad couple head out for a night on the town.  The figures on this large format poster (55 x 77 inches) stand out on a rich, dark green background.  Cappiello designed four posters for Mele and they are among the most spectacular of the era.  

Another stunning fashion poster is a 1924 design by Federico Ribas for Bally, which shows a flapper shimmering in her elegant silk dress and high-heels.  The design, one of three that Ribas produced for Bally, is a rare example of the infusion of Spanish style into Swiss poster art.  Printed by the notable lithographer Wolfsberg, this poster embodies the extravagant sensibilities of the Roaring Twenties.

A final theme of food and entertainment is evidenced in August Fischinger's stylish Modernist masterpiece for piano manufacturer Hofbauer.  The Vienna Secession played a pioneering role in the movement away from Art Nouveau's flowing lines, replacing them with more geometric and rectilinear design.  Following this convention, the design features a juxtaposition of striped wallpaper, a pin-striped shirt and black and white piano keys.  The pianist's skillful and delicate touch reinforces the Hofbauer brand, which was famous for its unique construction and light action.

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