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Winter Wanderlust

Winter Wanderlust: 19th Annual Holiday Poster Show

Glacier Express Original Poster by Artist Unknown

   Let's go skiing! New Haven RR Snow Trains Original Poster by Sascha Maurer

   Venezia Lido Original Poster by Marcello Dudovich & Marcello Nizzoli

Le Club 55  (St. Tropez) Original Poster by Francois Boisrond

   Porto Sandeman Original Poster by Jean d'Ylen

Our 19th Annual Holiday Poster Show

December 1, 2012 through January 31, 2013

International Poster Gallery presents"Winter Wanderlust," its 19th annual holiday show. The exhibit focuses on vintage travel posters advertising destinations both foreign and domestic, but also includes a striking selection of other works by renowned poster artists such as Jean d'Ylen, Leonetto Cappiello, Herbert LeupinRoger Broders, and many more.

Highlighting the show is a dizzying 1930 Art Deco poster for the Glacier Express, by an unknown artist. The poster advertises the first running of the line, which is still active today and is one of Switzerland's most popular tourist attractions. Traveling 22mph over 8 hours from Zermatt to St. Moritz, the train passes over 291 bridges and through 91 tunnels. The low vantage point of this poster captures the drama of this epic journey through the steep passes of the Alps.

Also featured is Sascha Maurer's 1936 poster for the New Haven Railroad Ski Train. Ski trains began operating in 1933 and were self-contained ski trips on wheels - the train served as the lodge, complete with a dining car, and would travel throughout the Northeast corridor bringing city dwellers to the mountains for ski vacations. Maurer's streamlined images, evoking his modernist training in his native Germany, provided one of the few bright spots for the beleaguered American railroads during the Depression.

Marcello Dudovich's circa-1930 poster for Venezia Lido, a 7-mile long sandbar in Venice, Italy, represents warmer climates. The Lido was, and still is, home to luxurious hotels, private summer villas, and beautiful beaches. An Art Deco gem, Dudovich's design shows a woman, between swims in bathing suit and cap, taking in a picturesque view of Piazza San Marco. Striking works like this established Dudovich's position as a founder of Italian poster design, and helped him secure a successful career as a commercial artist and painter.

Traveling further south, Francois Boisrond's 1996 design for Le Club 55, a St. Tropez hotspot, showcases the seaside town's identity as a glamorous beach destination. Le Club 55 was originally a modest canteen frequented by the crew of Roger Vadim's 1956 film And God Created Woman, starring Brigitte Bardot. With the meteoric success of the film, the restaurant quickly evolved into a trendy club. Boisrond's playful poster, with its bold reds, yellows, and blues, aimed to reenergize public interest in the historic locale.

Winter Wanderlust also features sought-after images from some of the most popular poster artists, including Jean d'Ylen's clever 1925 design for Porto Sandeman. Sandeman was founded in 1790 and still sells its prestigious port wine today. D'Ylen's dreamlike poster portrays a leaping centaur holding a bottle of port wine in each hand, a woman draped across his back. The bright flash of color provided by the woman's green dress and bright red hair, striking against the otherwise monochromatic palette, makes this one of d'Ylen's most eye-catching designs.