Wintersport II

Wintersport II Exhibition  

St. Moritz Original Poster by Artist Unknown


Sports d'Hiver en Suisse Original Poster by Plinio Colombi

l'Hiver Original Poster by Georges Barbier

Davos Hockey Club Original Poster by Willi Trapp

Ski The New Haven Railroad Original Poster by Sascha Maurer

Winter Sport in Upper Austria Original Poster by Franz Lenhart


Tokalon Original Poster by Herbert Leupin   

Le Hohwald Original Poster by Roger Broders 

More Prized Vintage Posters from the Golden Age of Skiing 1900-1960

January 3 through January 31, 2017

We are proud to announce our follow-up exhibition, "Wintersport II - More Prized Vintage Posters from the Golden Age of Skiing 1900-1960", which features rarely seen posters from the earliest days of the sport to the advent of the metal ski. The show will be on exhibit in our Newbury Street gallery in Boston through the end of January.

One of the most sought-after collectibles today, ski posters capture the joy of fresh mountain air and the exhilaration of a downhill run through tree-lined glades. Combining travel, sports and fashion, the ski poster has become a blue-chip category around the world over the last fifteen years.

Wintersport II beckons viewers to the mountains with a dazzling new selection of posters from the turn of the century through the Sixties. As a follow-up to last year's block-buster poster show, thirty original vintage posters tell the fascinating tale of winter sport's transformation from sport to industry.

Exhibition Highlights:

Plinio Colombi, Sports d'Hiver en Suisse, 1904

This pioneering image by gifted painter Plinio Colombi is considered to be the first modern winter tourist poster in Switzerland. Commissioned by the national railway in 1904 as skiing was in its infancy, it was the first distributed internationally to reach adventurous, upper class Europeans.  

The railroad carefully calculated its message. While skating was already a leading sport, the poster shows off four up and coming attractions: luge, bobsled, skiing and snowshoeing. And the poster is remarkable in showing that winter sports are for everyone, including women. 

Finally, in what would become a hallmark of Swiss posters - it was an artistic design by a leading artist. It would set the bar for a century of Swiss posters that made the country the leading winter sport destination in Europe.

Barbier, Georges, l'Hiver (from Four Seasons - Falbalas et Fanfreluches), 1924 

Famed fashion illustrator Georges Barbier created exquisite portfolios of hand-colored prints that would become to many the quintessential expression of the high fashion world of the Roaring Twenties. His print for "Winter" is an incredible vision of pure Art Deco style. Two young lovers - he clad in a jazzy patterned sweater and she in understated clean lines - kiss in a pose where two become one below a magnificent mountain vista.

Willi Trapp, Davos Weltmeisterschaft - Hockey Club (World Cup), 1935

Jagged shadows created by a skater rushing the ice makes this design for the 1935 Hockey World Championships irrepressibly dynamic.  Built on diagonals, Trapp's poster simultaneously captures the speed, power and grace of the sport. .

Held in Davos, the championship fielded 15 teams and was won by Canada, its second championship in a row (The US won in 1933 and was runner-up in 1934 but did not compete in 1935.) Host Switzerland won the European Division championship.

Sascha Maurer, Ski the New Haven Railroad, circa 1935 

This classic Art Deco image promoted the New Haven Railroad?s innovative "Snow Trains" that provided transportation from New York plus equipment, room and board at the mountain. The Snow Train concept spread to other railroads and was hugely popular, especially as driving to the slopes was nearly impossible and lodging virtually nonexistent. They were particularly instrumental in the growth of the New England ski industry.

More than any other artist, Sascha Maurer's posters captured the public?s imagination for the slopes with bright and stylish designs. Trained in modernist design in Germany, and himself an accomplished skier, Maurer's streamlined images offered one of the few bright spots for the beleaguered railroad during the Depression.

This poster is a self-portrait of the artist. A photograph was taken of Maurer in this pose with a stack of books under each ski. It is one of a handful of classic posters the artist created for the New Haven Railroad, and one of the best of all American ski posters.

Franz Lenhart, Winter Sport in Upper Austria, circa 1935

Few ski posters are more evocative than this timeless poster from the Austrian Alps. Two nearly monochrome skiers in thigh high powder look out over a grand vista of the Alps as skiers carve tracks in the powder below. 

An avid skier himself and a native of the Austrian Tyrol, Lenhart captures the majesty of the area better than anyone. He settled in Merano, Italy in 1922 and quickly became one of the top Art Deco poster artists in Italy. This is one of the best - and rarest - ski posters of the Dolomites.

Herbert Leupin, Tokalon, 1945

A pair of anthropomorphic ski tips cleverly conveys the message that Tokalon sun tan lotion is the best product for skiers who want sun protection or a deep tan. This early Mid-Century poster exudes the playfulness and creativity of Baby Boom advertising after the war. It was designed by Herbert Leupin, the Swiss master of the product poster. Leupin created more than 500 classics from the late 1930s through the 1980s.

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Austria Original Poster by Paul Kirnig 

Engelberg Original Poster by Herbert Matter                         

Jungfrau Berner Oberland Original Poster by E. Weber

St. Moritz (rabbit racer) Original Poster by Alex Walter Diggelmann 

Arosa Original Poster by Emil Cardinaux

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Confection Kehl PKZ Original Poster by Burkhard Mangold

Sun Valley Original Poster by Artist Unknown

Ski in Canada Original Poster by John Vickery

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Winter Sports in Italy Original Poster by Franz Lenhart

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Eastern Ski Championships Original Poster by Joe Liebow