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Robitsek, Karl
Die 10te Isonzo-Schlacht, 1918
Inventory #AUL21950



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Robitsek, Karl
Die 10te Isonzo-Schlacht, 1918

37.4 x 49.6 inches (95 x 126 cm)


Inventory #AUL21950

Price: $650      

This Austrian poster promotes a propaganda film about the dramatic defense of the Empire's border with Italy along the Isonzo River during WWI. The campaign lasted for more than 2 years from Italy's entry in the war in 1915, and consisted of 12 more or less distinct battles.

Ultimately a stalemate with little strategic impact, it was nevertheless one of the bloodeist theaters of the war, with aobut 500,000 lives lost. Hemingway fans will recognize that Farewell to Arms was partially set along this front.

Like many Austro-Hungarian posters from WWI, this is very rare.

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