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Cassandre, A. M.
Normandie, 1935
Inventory #FRC02103



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Cassandre, A. M.
Normandie, 1935

24.4 x 39.4 inches (62 x 100 cm)
FRAMED SIZE: 34'' x 50'' (86 x 127 cm)

Lithograph | Backed on linen

Inventory #FRC02103 (FRAMED)

Price Range: over $10000    


Cassandre's imposing masterpiece of the Normandie is perhaps the most famous poster of all time. Everything from the flock of tiny birds to the upward sweeping vantage point is designed to accentuate the great ocean liner's scale and stately character. The ship and the poster both represent the pinnacle of Machine Age design.

There were several text variants of this poster - this is the "Regular Service" printing.

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