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Broders, Roger
Tunis - PLM, 1920
Inventory #FRP08894



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Broders, Roger
Tunis - PLM, 1920

30.4 x 43 inches (77 x 109 cm)

Lithograph | Backed on linen

Inventory #FRP08894

Price Range: $3801 to $10000    


Roger Broders specialized in travel posters, creating nearly 100 images for the PLM railway in the '20s and '30s. His posters were always carefully constructed and immaculately printed, and evoked a golden age of travel like no other.

This poster advertising PLM's routes to Marseilles for embarcation to Africa is one of Broders very first for the railroad. It is signed and dated to indicate Broders traveled to Tunis to create the poster. The design has all the hallmarks of his mature style - broad, flat areas of color, a dramatic perspective view framed by figures in the foreground, and spectacular printing with subtle color harmonies.

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