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Cassandre, A. M.
Cote D'Azur, 1931
Inventory #FRL11700



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Cassandre, A. M.
Cote D'Azur, 1931

23.6 x 39.2 inches (60 x 100 cm)

Lithograph | Backed on linen

Inventory #FRL11700

Price Range: Over $10001    


Strongly influenced by modern art, Cassandre's Art Deco style shocked the public with dynamic compositions, abstract geometry, new typographic styles, and tight interplay of word and image.

Unlike his predecessors who portrayed travel destinations, Cassandre focused on the transportation marvels of the Roaring Twenties. Here Cassandre creates a streamlined close-up as avant-garde as the Precisionist work of Demuth and Sheeler. Note the text enclosing the image listing the participating transport companies, an innovation he pioneered in his 1927 "Nord Express" and "Etoile".

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