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Cappiello, Leonetto
Bitter Campari (jester), 1924 ca.
Inventory #ITL07196



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Cappiello, Leonetto
Bitter Campari (jester), 1924 ca.

27.5 x 40 inches (70 x 102 cm)


Inventory #ITL07196

Price Range: $3801 to $6500    


As Art Nouveau lost its energy around 1900, an Italian named Leonetto Cappiello arrived in Paris to create a new approach that would dominate Parisian poster art until Art Deco's arrival in the late 1920s. Using the energy of Cheret and the caricature of Toulouse-Lautrec as his models, Cappiello focused on creating one simple image, often humorous or bizarre, which would immediately capture the viewer's attention.

One of Cappiello's most irresistible images was this famous Campari poster, which features a jester rising from an orange peel. Early on, Campari was mixed with seltzer. By the Twenties, with the rise of the cocktail and more female drinkers, Campari promoted drinking the aperitif with a splash of orange, hence the theme of this poster. The concept lived up to Cappiello's one-line credo of poster art: "Surprise is the foundation of advertising; it is its necessary condition."

Cappiello spent most of his adult life in Paris where his inspired metaphors for more than 500 posters made him one of the greatest product posterists of all time.

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