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Mazza, Aldo
Giovinezza, 1909
Inventory #ITP22137



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Mazza, Aldo
Giovinezza, 1909

38.7 x 55.4 inches (98 x 141 cm)

Lithograph | Backed on linen

Inventory #ITP22137

Price Range: $6501 to $10000    


A young, lithesome beauty in a white dress launches flower petals into the wind in this beautiful poster for the announcement for a new bi-monthly Italian magazine called Youth.

This is a very rare poster by Aldo Mazza from the famous Hans Sachs collection. Mazza was one of the leading posterists of Italy, born and trained in Milan. He began working at Ricordi's famous lithography operation in 1908. This poster, created the following year, reveals Mazza's mastery of Art Nouveau symbolism and flowing form, combining it with the simplicity and flat colors of the new century.

Mazza became one of the most prolific of Italian posterists and magazine illustrators. The Salce Collection in Treviso Italy, the largest collection of Italian posters in the world, houses 189 Mazza posters, many of them the only known examples.

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