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Dudovich, Marcello
Mele & Ci Napoli - Massimo Buon Mercato (Yellow), 1913
Inventory #ITP23040



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Dudovich, Marcello
Mele & Ci Napoli - Massimo Buon Mercato (Yellow), 1913

57 x 80 inches (145 x 203 cm)
FRAMED SIZE: 62'' x 86'' (157 x 218 cm)

Lithograph | Backed on linen

Inventory #ITP23040 (FRAMED)

Price Range: over $10000    


Other highlights of the show, which look back to the Gallery's pioneering exhibitions on the Italian poster, are several superb rarities.
The first of that group, dating from 1912, is a large format fashion poster by Marcello Dudovich for the forward-thinking Italian department store, E & A Mele. The elegant portrait of a Neapolitan beauty in a printed coat and hat makes as imposing an impression as Toulouse-Lautrec's creation.
Italy’s top lithographic printer Ricordi made 185 first-class posters for Mele, many by Dudovich, Metlicovitz, Villa, and other masters. Of all, this poster is in the highest echelon.

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