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Leupin, Herbert
Pause - Trink Coca-Cola, 1953
Inventory #SWL01606



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Leupin, Herbert
Pause - Trink Coca-Cola, 1953

35.5 x 50.2 inches (90 x 128 cm)

Photo offset | Backed on linen

Inventory #SWL01606

Price Range: $1001 to $2000    


Leupin's 1953 poster for Coca-Cola was an immediate favorite in Switzerland, and is now considered a poster classic. One of five posters he created for Coke in the mid-fifties, it revealed a transition out of a hyper-realistic style towards a looser, more relaxed approach. Now, only the Coke bottle and sign are realistic and are photographed - not drawn.

Leupin's stylistic transition was necessitated by the phasing out of stone lithography in favor of photo-offset printing, which was cheaper but much less vibrant in texture and nuance. In addition, Leupin felt he had fully explored the possibilities of realism and had tired of the style's perfectionism.

Although one would never suspect it from the finished product, these were years of professional soul searching for Leupin. Fortunately for us, he found inspiration in his children's early drawings, and in the simplicity of caricature-based product posters like those of Leonetto Cappiello.

This poster is in MoMA's permanent collection.

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