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Diggelmann, Alex Walter
PKZ (Box), 1935
Inventory #SWC06360



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Diggelmann, Alex Walter
PKZ (Box), 1935

35.2 x 50.4 inches (89 x 128 cm)

Lithograph | Backed on linen

Inventory #SWC06360

Price Range: $3801 to $6500    


For over 80 years the Zurich clothier PKZ teamed with the leading printer J.E. Wolfsenberger to produce Switzerland’s greatest poster series. Marked always by the richest textures and tones seen in lithography, the series featured all of the best Swiss poster artists. Given enormous artistic freedom, each artist was allowed to interpret the PKZ man or PKZ look as he saw fit.

Two of the greatest posters were produced in 1934, the huge Object Poster of a PKZ Button by Birkhauser and the Magritte-like figure of a man with a newpaper by his teacher, Stoecklin. It would take a superb poster in 1935 to keep up the precedent set the year before.

The answer was Alex Diggelmann's a stunning Object Poster of a dramatically foreshortened PKZ box, opened just enough to see the label and corner of a men's shirt. The tromp l'oeil effect was startling on the street - was it a photograph? Or a drawing? The raked angle required the passerby's attention.

This poster is in many leading museum design collections, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In excellent condition.

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