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Stoecklin, Niklaus
Der Buchdruck - Gewerbemuseum Basel, 1922
Inventory #SWC08132



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Stoecklin, Niklaus
Der Buchdruck - Gewerbemuseum Basel, 1922

36 x 51 inches (91 x 130 cm)
FRAMED SIZE: 39'' x 53'' (99 x 135 cm)

Lithograph | Backed on linen

Inventory #SWC08132 (FRAMED)

Price Range: Over $10001    


This is Stoecklin's first masterpiece done in the Object Poster style. We see a close-up of a letterpress block, surrealistically floating in space, after it has left the impression of the letter 'A' on a piece of paper. Although it has more text than the typical Object Poster for a product ad, it nevertheless shares its single-minded focus.

This poster reveals Stoecklin's thorough knowledge of developments in modern art from Cubism to the Bauhaus. His style shows the influence of Purism, a precise visual style designed to objectively express the perfection of the machine age. This is one of the rarest and most elegant of Stoecklin's entire oeuvre and is in MoMA's permanent collection.

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