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Grohe, Glenn
He's Watching You, 1942
Inventory #USL22807



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Grohe, Glenn
He's Watching You, 1942

10 x 14.1 inches (25 x 36 cm)

Offset | Backed on linen

Inventory #USL22807

Price Range: $1001 to $2000    


This extremely rare World War II poster was designed to remind factory workers to curb loose talk because Nazi spies could be present. It is one of the most graphically powerful images of the American war effort.

Unfortunately, a Madison Avenue survey revealed that many workers did not understand the poster, confusing the figure for the boss or foreman, and remarkably, the Liberty Bell. It was determined that war effort posters should aim their message at the "lower third of the population," which led to a decline in the graphic quality of posters as the war progressed.

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