Graphic Design 20th Century (Book), 2003

Purvis and Le Coultre poster: Graphic Design 20th Century (Book)

With over five hundred color reproductions, Graphic Design 20th Century represents a pictorial history of the last hundred years in graphic design. Alston Purvis presents all the significant designers of the twentieth century as well as the many styles that characterized this rich and tumultuous period: Art Nouveau, Arts and Craft, the Viennese Secession, the Russian Avant-Garde, Punk, New Wave, and computer graphics are just a few of the subjects discussed in this essential reference book.

The wealth of visual material presented, including iconic works by Aleksandr Rodchenko, H. Th. Wijdeveld, Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul Rand, Piet Zwart, Saul Bass, among many others, makes this a truly enjoyable and inspiring read and a handy guide for any designer, artist, or student.

Purvis and Le Coultre

6.5 x 9.5 inches (17 x 24 cm)

Book (softcover)

Inventory #BKG22941

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