Salute! (TASS Window #1149), 1945

Solov'ev, M. poster: Salute! (TASS Window #1149)

This is from a collection of extremely rare News Agency "window" posters from the Soviet Union. Posted daily in shop windows of Moscow after the German invasion started in June 1941, TASS posters were intended to rally support for the war, and later the post-war, effort.

Artists of these posters utilized a broad arsenal of visual strategies to both incite and inspire - from vicious satire, to potent slogans, to undiluted horror and hatred, to patriotic historical parallels.

The collection at International Poster Gallery features intricately hand stenciled TASS panels dating from March 1943 to late 1946 as the scales slowly tipped in the Soviets' favor, and beyond the armistice. Due to their rarity and historical value, the group of 45 panels will be sold as a collection.

This panel reads:

Under the leadership of the great Stalin the Red Army is crushing the vile German aggressors, and is advancing to the West, to raise the banner of victory over Berlin! Honor and glory to the heroes!

N.B.: the Russians call big fireworks displays "salutes".

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Solov'ev, M.

48 x 50.4 inches (122 x 128 cm)


Inventory #RUP22269

world war ii
war - home front
Social Realist
Soviet Union