On the Job for Victory (Large), 1918

Lie, Jonas poster: On the Job for Victory (Large)

On the Job for Victory is surely one of the most heroic and majestic poster designs from World War I. It shows a bustling shipyard, where ship construction continues as far as the eye can see.

The monumental task of mobilization was accomplished with remarkable efficiency at the U.S. Shipping Board, which was charged with transporting men and material across the Atlantic. A technological innovation lay at its core: the head of the Shipping Board designed a cargo ship which could be built in prefabricated sections at steel mills around the country, then transported to shipyards for rapid assembly.

The effort peaked on July 4, 1918 with the launch of 95 ships on a single day. The overall effort was so successful that a fleet just 15% the size of Britain's world-leading fleet in 1914 had increased to nearly 50% its size by 1918.

This is the hard-to-find large format impression of Jonas Lie's design. It makes a spectacular statement over a fireplace, in a conference room, or office.

Lie, Jonas

55 x 39 inches (140 x 99 cm)

Lithograph | Backed on linen

Inventory #USL05041

north america
united states
world war i
Realistic Illustration Style