Woodstock - An Aquarian Exposition (rare cancelled Walkill NY venue ), 1969

Byrd, David Edward poster: Woodstock - An Aquarian Exposition (rare cancelled Walkill NY venue )

This lesser-known Woodstock poster is also exceedingly rare, and this is the first time we've had the opportunity to offer it at the gallery. It was created by David Byrd, of Godspell and Jimi Hendrix poster fame, for the original Walkill venue that was cancelled by the city's board. Ultimately, the event was moved to Max Yasgur's farm, and because Byrd was unavailable, Arnold Skolnick's was commissioned to create his Three Days of Peace and Music poster, featuring a dove perched on a guitar.

Byrd's imagery was allegedly a factor in the original town's apprehension. Its psychedelic imagery of a naked maiden, the goddess Aquarius, and floral decoration was just too threatening to the conservative townsfolk. Today, it serves not only as a rare and beautiful example from the genre, but also as an artifact from the festival's "rocky" origins.

Byrd, David Edward

13.6 x 22.2 inches (35 x 56 cm)


Inventory #USC21832

music festival
rock and roll
north america
united states
Psychedelic (Sixties)