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Plakatstil: The Poster Style

Plakatstil Posters

Plakatstil Posters  Hohlwein, Ludwig.
Direct China Cotton Importers, 1909

Plakatstil Posters
Diez, Julius.
Munchen 1908 Austellung, 1908  

Plakatstil Posters
Cardinaux, Emil.
 PKZ - Confection Kehl, 1908  

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Poster Style (Plakatstil) Primer: 

The Poster Style, or "Plakatstil", was begun in 1905 by Lucian Bernhard in Berlin. For a poster competition sponsored by Preister matches he took the novel approach of drawing two large matches and writing the brand name above them in clean, bold letters. The stark simplicity of the design won him the competition, and marked a departure from the fussy and decorative Art Nouveau style, which was beginning to lose its vitality.

With its reduction of naturalism and emphasis on flat colors and shapes, the new style was the next step beyond Toulouse-Lautrec in creating an abstract visual language. Bernhard's style spread throughout Germany, and became the foundation for a revolution in commercial advertising in pre-war Berlin. The style is one of the most important variants of Early 20th Century Modernism that proved a bridge between Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

An equally powerful Plakatstil artist named Ludwig Hohlwein arose in Munich who would also have a profound influence on early Swiss poster design and Art Deco.

Leading Artists:

Germany:  Hohlwein, Moos, Bernhard, Kunst, Klinger, Gipkens

Switzerland:   Koch, Tieche, Cardinaux, Mangold, Baumberger, Michaud

Austria:   Fischinger, Bertle, Neumann

Denmark:   Bogelund, Henrikssen

For more, visit our past gallery exhibition featuring Plakatstil: A Century of Modernist Posters 

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Plakatstil Posters  Bernhard, Lucian.
Kaffee Hag Coffeinfrei, 1909

Plakatstil Posters
Lehmann-Steglitz, Martin.
I.F. Reiser, 1910 ca.

Plakatstil Posters
Tieche, Adolphe.
Zurich - Schweiz, 1908

Plakatstil Posters
  Henrikksen, Sven.
  Gas og Elektricitets Udstilling, 1922

Plakatstil Posters
Eugen Klotz - Rohoel Motoren, 1910 ca.

Plakatstil Posters
 Hohlwein, Ludwig.
  Panther (bookplate),

 Plakatstil Posters
Koch, Walther.
 Davos (skater), 1906

  Plakatstil Posters
Fischinger, August.
Hofbauer Klavier - Fabrik, 1910 ca.

Plakatstil Posters
  Erdt, Hans Rudi.
  Munchner Kindl
Keller, 1913 

Plakatstil Posters
Jacoby-Boy, Martin.
  Bijur - Anlasser ohne
Kurbel, 1912 ca.