Couple on motorcycle; red, brown, blue
Couple on motorcycle; red, brown, blue

Bermuda - Pan Am, 1960
This extremely rare poster was created by Pan Am to promote its premier honeymoon destination in the early 1960's. Zdinak evokes the casual mood of the era - pedal pushers, patterned shirts, Ray Bans, and the ever popular Pan Am flight bag spell spontaneous fun for a couple heading out on a scooter ride. Pan Am had pioneered flights to Bermuda in 1937 by "Flying Boats." The storied airline would go on to be the first airline to schedule flights across the Atlantic and Pacific, a remarkable feat for a private airline during the 1930s. One of the best (and rarest) Bermuda posters!.
28'' x 42'' / 71 x 107 cm
Offset | Backed on Linen
ID# USL24179
$3,201 to $6,000
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