Europe ship made of flags in sea; black, yellow, red, blue
Europe ship made of flags in sea; black, yellow, red, blue

Europe - All Our Colours to the Mast, 1950
This is one of the 25 finalists and the winning entrant in the 1950 “Intra-European Poster Competition” promoting the Marshall Plan to reconstruct Europe after World War II. The poster contest received over 10,000 submissions from European artists, all on the theme of cooperation which ultimately would lead to the European Union. Although support came from the U.S, the competition was designed to be by and for Europeans, with an intra-European jury choosing the finalists and winner (only 7 finalist posters are in English; the others are in French, Dutch German and Swedish). The posters are fascinating in their use of metaphor for reconstruction and cooperation – the artists used everything from smokestacks and cooking to ships of state and windmills adorned with flags to provide powerful visual symbols. Today, in light of Brexit, they are especially fascinating historical documents that describe the original goals and hopes for a vibrant and unified Europe.
21.5'' x 29.3'' / 55 x 74 cm
Lithograph | Paper
ID# DUG24914
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