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Giselle, 1959
Armin Hofmann’s series for the Municipal Theater in Basle is one of the finest expressions of the International Typographic Style, the design style he helped to create in the early ‘50s which became the predominant style in the world in the ‘70s.

His poster for Giselle is a sublime juxtaposition of a soft, ephemeral photographic image with hard-edged, geometric and immovable typography. So carefully balanced is the composition that it feels like the dot on the letter ‘i’ holds it all together.

Hofmann studied under the legendary Ernst Keller in Zurich, and later taught and directed the world-leading Basle School of Design. He codified the International Typographic Style in his book Graphic Design Manual in 1965. Hofmann believed that the role of the designer in society is merely to objectively convey useful information in a clear and orderly fashion. His work involved the careful analysis of all elements of design and the study of signs and symbols.

35.4'' x 50.4'' / 90 x 128 cm
Framed Size: 0'' x 0'' (0 x 0 cm)
Photomontage | Backed on Linen
$3,801 to $10,000 (request a quote)
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