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Utopie - Dumping (from Bleu blanc rouge Nicolas Portfolio), 1932
This is from a portfolio entitled Bleu Blanc Rouge (Red White Blue), which was commissioned in 1932 by the French wine merchant Nicolas. Paul Iribe created the humorous images in a sophisticated, playful style that captured the essence of the Jazz Age. The portfolio cover has the French flag on it and consists of black and white designs revering traditional French wine and condemning beverages such as Russian vodka, German beer, British whiskey, and American Blue Rock mineral water. Iribe made his fame by creating the first Art Deco fashion illustrations for Paul Poiret’s revolutionary 1908 collection, the first to eliminate the corset. The illustrations were as revolutionary as the clothing. Rather than draw highly technical, realistic illustrations as was the fashion, Iribe drew in a linear style which simplified and elongated his models. He used unshaded blocks of color, empty backgrounds reminiscent of Japanese woodblock prints, and creative groupings of figures. Iribe’s portfolio revived the medieval technique of pochoir, or stencil, printing process. This technique allowed highly skilled artisans to hand color each illustration using as many as 30 stencils to achieve a freshness approaching an original watercolor. Pochoir would be continued throughout the Twenties and into the Thirties for many handmade portfolios that became common in the period. This portfolio features hand coloring in black and white, giving the prints a feeling of warmth and richness. The Nicolas portfolio is considered a jewel of Art Deco style. Printed in an edition of 520, it is difficult to find.
19.8'' x 12.5'' / 50 x 32 cm
Pochoir | Paper
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