Douglas DC-2 Airplane flies over mountains; blue, black, white, red
Douglas DC-2 Airplane flies over mountains; blue, black, white, red

Winter - Luftverkehr (Swiss Winter Flights), 1935
In the Thirties, Herbert Matter - who studied and worked in Paris with Leger and Cassandre - came home to Switzerland to create a pioneering series of dramatic posters for the Swiss tourist office. His sweeping poster for Swiss Air consisted of three merged images - a distant view of the Alps, a close-up of a speeding new Douglas DC2 airplane and a third of overlarge mountain climbers hiking to the mountains below. The superb image was a tour de force, combining photos into a seamless image full of drama and surprise in its skillful juxtaposition of scale. In its angular, photomontage design it integrated the Russian Constructivist advances of Klutsis, Lissitsky and the Stenberg Brothers in the 1920s. Matter's travel poster series signaled a new era in Western advertising. Matter continued his legendary career in the United States, arriving just before WWII. He distinguished himself in graphic and logo design, advertising and photography and influenced a generation of designers and photographers as a Professor at Yale University.
25'' x 40'' / 64 x 102 cm
Photogravure | Backed on Rice Paper
ID# SWC23248
over $10,000
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