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Australia - Great Barrier Coral Reef, 1935 ca.
In the 1930s, James Northfield, along with Percy Trompf, created the most iconic travel posters for the newly established Australian National Travel Association (ANTA). This classic, cleverly showing the attractions both above and below the waters of the Great Barrier Reef, is as spectacular as it is rare. Tourism to Australia became feasible in the Thirties with the advent of faster long-haul aviation. ANTA's posters focused on the exotic natural beauty of the continent. Not surprisingly, the Great Barrier Reef was featured in several images, none more delightful than this.
24'' x 39'' / 61 x 99 cm
Framed Size: 0'' x 0'' (0 x 0 cm)
Lithograph | Backed on Linen
$3,801 to $10,000
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