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Balto Cigarettes, 1932
Cigarettes burst from the pack like New York skyscrapers in this dynamic poster for a French brand that boasts "American taste." The poster marks the mature style of Sepo, who opened his own studio in Paris that same year. He grew up and trained in Bologna, Italy, and then moved to Paris in 1920 where he worked in the Maga Agency along with Cappiello and Mauzan. In his own studio, Sepo's caricature-based style became more tightly constructed and geometric, strongly influenced by the Machine Age style of Cassandre. In Balto, we additionally see the influence of the rich color harmonies and luscious textures of Cassandre's partner, Charles Loupot. The result is a masterful Art Deco design.
39'' x 59'' / 99 x 150 cm
Lithograph | Paper
ID# FRL08688
$1,001 to $2,000
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