Letter B on top of Martini glass; red, white, black
Letter B on top of Martini glass; red, white, black

Brak Liqueur, 1937
Few artists in the long history of the poster had more talent or versatility than Zurich's Otto Baumberger. Beginning in 1911, he paved the way for Swiss Object, Design, and Travel posters, the primary idioms of the remarkable rise of Swiss graphic design in the 20th Century. This stunningly Modernist poster is as powerful as the bitters it advertised. Only a few drops of this herb-infused alcohol could add a decisive flavor to a cocktail. Baumberger chose a condensed typeface that was clear and precise as the drink; the even thickness of the typeface makes it simple and direct. The undiluted colors and carefully balanced geometric shapes complete this dynamic interplay. Over a five decade career Baumberger created some 230 posters. This is one of the rarest, and like many, a masterpiece. In fine condition.
35.4'' x 50.4'' / 90 x 128 cm
Lithograph | Backed on Linen
ID# SWL12921
$3,201 to $6,000
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