Turbaned figure holds box of chocolates; blue, red
Turbaned figure holds box of chocolates; blue, red

Cioccolatini Perugina (blue), 1926 ca.
It is hard to imagine a more arresting image than Seneca's mysterious turbaned figure pressing a red chocolate box to his heart. Fine cacao came from many West African countries which is reflected in the exoticism of the design. The poster owes a debt to Cappiello, who pioneered the advertising concept of creating a simple metaphor that could catch people's attention immediately yet be remembered for a lifetime. Unlike Cappiello, however, Seneca worked in a highly stylized Art Deco manner. His abstract, tubular figures strongly show the influence of the Cubists (particularly Leger) and the Futurists (Depero). Seneca studied in Rome and began his career after World War I as a poster artist in Milan, where he became influenced by Marcello Dudovich. In 1919 he began a decade-long stint as the art director for Buitoni-Perugina, where he created many Art Deco masterpieces. This image was one of the most beautiful in the series, originally produced in the 1920s in the 55" x 77" grand format. Seneca was one of the key pioneers in creating a commercial graphic revolution in the late twenties in Italy. Seneca's work is extremely rare and highly sought-after. His clients, aside from Buitoni, included Pibigas, Agip, and Modiano.
55'' x 77.5'' / 140 x 197 cm
Lithograph | Backed on Linen
ID# ITL26293
over $10,000
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